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Congratulations on the acceptance!! We will miss you for sure so lets get in as much chat as we can till you leave. I would have to say your my favorite user and the time we spent together playing monster hunter will always be with me forever! Cheers to a fallen comrade and a good friend!

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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oh, I was looking for this thread earlier...anyway, I'm back, lol. Went to Ohio the past week to visit some family. I stayed with my grandpa who doesn't know what technology is and lives in the middle of nowhere, so no internet for a week (gasp!)

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@Tasuki Thanks man. I might be on more if my workload isn't too heavy, but from what I hear it's going to be pretty crazy for the next three years! I'll make as much time as I can though since this is one of my favourite discussion forums. I'll probably be spending most of my free time actually playing games rather than talking about them online (which in my case is a good thing lol).

@theblackdragon Thanks! I've been accepted into an Interactive Media MFA at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. I'm really looking forward to going!

@Tech Ahh cheers Chris. It's been good hanging with you guys. I'll never forget our time in MH3 either. You know we played nearly every day for more than half a year! Dedication! I don't think I'll be totally gone from NL, but definitely I won't be as active as I was. And when the next MH on a Nintendo console (or MH Frontier) is released, I'll be here.

@grensworthhero Oh lawd it must have been awful. How did you survive?

Let's play some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Let me know who you are before you add me.
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@HM...congratulations on good luck on your next adventure in life. I thank you for all of the tip you gave me on the Atlus thread. If and when MH gets a 3DS release, I may be joining up with you and the gang...if you'll let me.

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Aww, Mack's going? D: I'll miss you, man. Very best of luck with uni though! Untitled


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Good luck! Remember, science rhymes with compliance!

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HolyMackerel wrote:

Well, I'll soon be leaving NL since I just got accepted into a postgraduate degree in the US. I don't think I'll have time to visit here nearly as much as the past year. (Has it been that long?) I'll be leaving in August so that's when "HolyMackerel" will be put on life support. I also have a lot of preparation to do before the course, like getting my student visa, dealing with finances and travel and doing preparatory reading and research so from now on I'll be less active.

This also means that I won't be able to organise the NL Game Club anymore. If someone would like to start another one or take over the old one you're welcome to. Just let me know.

This forum and its community is great and I've really enjoyed my time chatting and debating with you guys. You've all been welcoming and willing to discuss opinions and recommendations, which I really appreciate. I'll still visit NL every now and then to read and comment on the news and features since I could never disregard my love for Nintendo and the articles are so agreeable.

To my Monster Hunter family, if and when MH 3DS and/or MH Fronter are released I will make my return fo sho. There's no way I'll miss out hunting with JayArr, Peach, Tech and the rest of you. I'll also let you know when I finally get MHFU so we can try out Xlink Kai, which hopefully won't be too long from now.

That said, most of you probably don't care that I'm leaving since I never really got that involved in the NL community. That's alright too, I just wanted to speak my mind.


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But seriously though, thanks for organizing the NL Game Club and hanging out with us hopeless DSiWare fans in that section of the forum. You will most definitely be missed. God bless and have a nice life!

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It's always sad to see someone well known on NL go. I'll miss you both

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School has started again, and although I'll still be here, I won't be here as much.

Shall return in time for Zelda though.


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This isn't goodbye, but I'll be posting far less over the next few weeks. I've got uni to finish, a job to find, a language to learn, and a new website to manage (and since it's just started, I've got a hell of a lot to chase up, talking to contacts in the industry and etc). So my time is rather strained right now, haha. Little time for forum-going (asides when I make really long posts at like 4 in the morning xD). Probably won't disappear completely (I have a signature advert to flash about as much as humanly possible :3), but won't be around nearly as much.


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@Od Man, I'm going there later this summer.


...Why is it whenever I say I'm taking a break for NL, my posting increases significantly. GOOD AT THIS I AM NOT.


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Hey guys dont know if you will be glad or sad about this but the next few weeks I wont be around too much. My RL has got hectic alot lately since I have been thinking about going back to school. Still not sure when I will be but thats why I wont be around here as much going to be doing some school researching and stuff. So dont get scared if you dont see me for a few days. I maybe only posting late at night if I am not tired enough for bed or on the weekends.

Thanks for all the fun times and conversations all. I promise to check in as often as I can.

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Woah, od is now Pandalicious!



I haven't been on the site recently because I got a virus attack but its been sorted now so I'm back.


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