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Konata wrote:

Since I have been having a lot of health issues lately, i'm gonna not use the computer as much as I used too, if any at all.
I really need to get better, but i'm not sure when that's gonna happen.
So hopefully i'll talk to you guys soon once i'm all better >_<.

uh oh, what kind of health issues if you don`t mind me asking. Anybody else stuck in the oh so crummy `overactive thyroid`camp. It`s 5:00AM in the morning and i`m wired as frick. i totaly miss the feeling of actually feeling tired tired, the type of late night sleepy euphoria normal boils & ghouls get when they`re about to get their Battletoads beauty sleep. heart palpitations, head pressure, muscle loss, dry skin, jittery vision ect ect are all part of the spooktacular package and i`m getting real sick of it.



Mellowkarp wrote:


So it seems that all the stuff that was bothering me kinda solved itself really quickly. In the past week without NL I ran a 14km marathon, managed to weasel my way out of a Fail for my course, got well underway for another one of my assessments, passed my driving test and caught up with a huge amount of friends in several nights of revelry. My mood's getting much much better, so I think I'll cut my sabbatical short and come back to mellow out all you NintendoLifers!

As I read this I thought it was leading up to an epiphany that NintendoLife had kept you from reaching your full potential and that because you got so much done while avoiding this site you've decided to stay away for good. What a surprise ending! Eat that, productivity.

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We really don't know what I have yet, and we really aren't sure still. We think it could be something related to this:
I used to have Graves disease and Hashimoto thyroidism. And my doctor said the after effects could trigger a different auto immune disorder.
And I have about ALL the symptoms of this one blood thing, and it's either caused by lack of calcium/magnesium intake OR My parathyroid glands aren't working properly to digest the calcium. (So we are thinking my past thyroid issues could have caused something to happen with my parathyroid.)
So right now I'm taking calcium supplements to see if that will help me.
But that's all we have so far.

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So, i've been gone from NL for about two days now......I'm in 7th grade and go to an advanced school, and homework has been piling up. Life's been spinning out of control } :

tumblr's better...

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Glad to see you're back, @Mellowkarp!

Sounds pretty serious. I hope things work out for you @Konata.


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Lately to kill time I've been lurking on the internet, literallly sitting around all day doing nothing. It's not healthy at all, so I'm taking a week break, or longer depending on how I feel (Plus I can avoid all the 2DS hate ). It's been affecting me a lot, like ignoring my forum because it's too much work, ignoring swapnote battle league because it's more work, among other things. D: I also haven't been playing games lately, so that will be nice to do.
So I guess I'll be seeing you all in a week. Bye~

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Have a good break dude. Take all the time you need.

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I'm also leaving unfortunately.
It's been a good run, but it's definitely time to move on...
Have a good life folks!


I am now leaving....the thread....

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Well guys, this is the end of the funky yellow brick road for me. I've decided that it's time to move on....This is going to come as a bit of a shock, but I'm dropping gaming all together which includes everything from the wonderful Wii, all the way back to my favorite console of all time > The NES. sniffle.

Aside from not finding the majority of these modern gaming experiences that enjoyable anymore, i'm also having a hard time enjoying anything on the NES and SNES. I keep questioning myself, am i really enjoying it all, or am i just psyching myself up and forcing myself to endure these pixel nuggets of vintange NintenFun because it's somewhat of a tradition? Honestly, most of it is becoming staler than the 15 year old Fido Dido 7-Up pop tarts that are cruising underneath my shnazzy sofa. It's been a Bit-blast and a half guys! Who knows, i may return down the road....But until then, I've decided that i'm going to pursue my life long passion.....and become a ballerina.

Yeah, what a load of donatello dookie that all was.
Getting a new place this weekend, starting a new chapter in my life and that of course includes everything Nintendo. I'll be back in a few or so days(big whoopie), looking forward to getting the extra space so i can dedicate a single room specifically to everything retro related. It will be like entering an 80's vortex, just in time for my 29th birthday....Which i'm not looking forward to, as I've got one year left now of what many consider to be their prime years.

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The first idea sounds better, but I wish ya' the best of luck!
But if you ever change your mind about being a ballerina, we can dance the forbidden dance together.

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