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tumblr's better...

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Emaan wrote:

Chrono, Avi, Mickeymac

What a day.

Mickeymac...? He's staying afaik.

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Well, after my over 2 months hiatus, I'm back officially. It's only for a little more than a month, but it's great to be back at least for that much time.

Nice to see you back @Morphtorock.

Sad to see @Caniswolfred. @Aviator, And Chrono_Cross go. They shall all be missed.

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Ok everyone, I'm back from dumping off all the other users that wanted to leave.
I'm sure you all miss me.

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



Wow, when did this turn into the Positive of the Day thread?

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IM LEAVING NINTENDOLIFE SUCKS (not really, its just boring). Forums aren't good anymore, and i could easily go on my 3ds if i felt like seeing upcoming games. whats the point of being on here if my following statement is true? i only ever go on the forums, and im the kind o' guy who just plays the game, not read over complicated reviews about what SOMEONE ELSE thinks. Its just, it will never be the same as Nintendo Power, and everyone whos read a NP would probably agree. Ah well. Nobody Really knew who i was anyway...(dont make a sappy reply to that sentence, please)

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Alright then. If this is really what you want, fine. Goodbye, @Gansano. I hope I get to see you again some other time!

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I'm back. Wow, it seems like the board's been thrown into as much chaos as there was at the Death Grips aftershow I was at (search Death Grips and check out recent news articles to see what I mean).

Well, to everyone that's left, bye.

@Retro - No Anamanaguchi this fest. Maybe next year they'll return.

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Wait, @Chrono_Cross was serious?! I thought he was joking. First @Bankai gets banned, now @Chrono_Cross leaves, this is going downhill, my favorite users are dissapearing. He'll be missed.



I hear ya, @Gansano. I like NL, but it doesn't seem as fun as it once was.

I think I'm spending more of my time in the Anime, Marvel, & DC threads, than any of the actual gaming threads. If my 3DS would actually let me sign up for a different site (it usually fails to load up one page or another during any given registration setup), I probably wouldn't be around as much.

The place just isn't the same without @Bankai, @Chrono_Crossing, @Aviator, & @CanisWolfred around (even if one of them will only be gone for a month).

Heck, I even miss @Hokori...


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Honestly, I really miss Bankai and tendoboy's arguments. They were always an interesting read. (Even if Waltzelf always dominated the conversation)

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The number of users I actually like here has fallen from 17 to 14 in a matter of days~
I remember when there were too many to count.
I agree with the above posts, NL really isn't fun anymore, maybe the time is coming to move on soon, but not now~

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