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Well, I'm for the most part leaving NL. At least, you're not going to see me around much. I'm tired of fighting and watching fights unfold here over stupid stuff. I'm tired of watching fanboy wars, and I'm tired of being fought over opinion. I don't like that I can't even say the cut down the doom and gloom without getting a warning, or so much as mention the word 'hack'. I understand you don't like hackers - neither do I - but you guys take it way too far. I'm fine with a friendly arguement with someone, but it seems any time I say anything anymore I get people mad at me over opinion. NL used to be so much friendly, but NL just isn't fun for me anymore. If NL gets better, I'll be back - trust me, I'm leaving NL partly for my own good - so I'll be watching and waiting from the sidelines for the most part. The only topics I'm going to post in are the ones I'm involved in, such as the Mario Kart Team Tourney thread and the KIU SP weapon thread. I might post in the occasional game-related thread, but that's pretty much it.

I'll still be on the BL and Clay's Forum though, so if for some reason you need me I'll be there.

Trust me, I think NL is great, but you've been going downhill for a while. I don't expect no doom and gloom or no arguements, but it feels like both are everywhere I look.

Goodbye, most of NL. I hope to return. But I want to see change.

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Dash D:
Will you still be in the Chatzies ?.? I still need to play moar Brawl against you ._.
I do agree with you, though, especially the 'hack' thing- hopefully the community improves and you'll come back fully.

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You're cool 3Dash. Stay safe.


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I agree with everything you said @3Dash. Even though I don't really know you, it's sad to see you go.



Thought I might as well say that I'm probably going to be gone for a couple of weeks. You might still see me around the site occasionally until then. Bye guys. :3
@3Dash - Sorry to see you going as well. :/

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Good to know you're still on the SPW thread and other sites still dash, and I definitely understand why you're going. Stay cool man~

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Goodbye, @3Dash. We may not have talked much but you're a pretty cool user and I can understand your reasons for leaving. At least we just added each other on backloggery so we can talk to each other on there.


That's too bad 3Dash! You will be missed! I don't really see that hate dying down though till Christmas time. Hopefully it won't take that long.

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You're leaving NL except for certain threads you're still interested in?

So you're basically just going to ignore the threads you dislike? That's a good idea. Everyone should do that and they wouldn't be so stressed out over an online forum.

Not sure how it equates to "leaving", but good luck to you.

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@MetallicDonkey There is one thread I listed that will soon be of no use and one I promised I'd never let it die. Mostly, I'm going to be on one thread, and I'll only go to a Gamerelated thread if I need help with a game. For the most part, I'm just ignoring the Forums though.

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Sad to see you go, 3Dash, but I can understand why. Hope you're happy about your decision. Adios.

Personally, I've been cutting back on this place, too, posting mostly in the general discussion section. Not enough to say much, but still, just felt like mentioning it while I'm here.

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Sometimes, it's best to take a break and get the stress off. See you around, @3Dash.

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