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Topic: The Goodbye/Vacation Thread

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Lately, I've begun to fall behind in my school work. Most of this is due to the fact that I spend too much time here and on the Interent in general. So, because of this, I will be leaving Nintendo Life for an extended period of time. I don't know when I'll be back, but I must catch up before considering a return here. @Ideal_Hero will keep me up to date on the site. Other than that, I will be gone (sorry VGM tournament and Role-Play thread :( ). @Ideal will also take my place on the Kid Icarus Spotpass Weapon thread. If you want to contact me, it will have to be through Swapnote, as I will not be on Chatzy or any other forums (Backlog will be once a week).

I know that probably more than you wanted to know, but I just thought I'd put that out there. I've had ups and downs, but NL is pretty great site over all. I wish you all well and hope to see ya again soon. ;)

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See ya around @True_Hero.

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You will be missed @True_Hero And even if we haven't spoken to each other yet, I can see where you're coming from. Wish you the best in your personal life.

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Good luck @True_Hero. Show that school work who's boss.


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Take care, True_Hero, and we hope to hear from you again sometime soon

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@True_Hero I'm also vulnerable to compulsively checking the internet, but I'm slowly making my way of controlling myself. Good luck, and hope you don't have to resort to isolation from the NintendoLife community again at some point.

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Bye, @True_hero I hope you can return soon, good luck with school. ofcourse you'll still get all my weird letters in your letterbox... But i have also schoolwork that must be done :( So, i will have less time to spend on the internet... And we probably both miss or chance to get the 10.000 comment on the Kid Icarus Spotpass Weapon thread :'(

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Good luck to @True_Hero and @sir_Anthony with your studies! Those books won't know what hit them :3
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@ThoseWishingTrueWell - I can say without a doubt that @True appreciates the support you guys are giving. :)
I'll still be around, but I may not be as active. I'll still make sure to check up on the music tournament and the KI:U thread.

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Hope you can get your school work caught up on, @True_Hero and @sir_Anthony! Hopefully you'll both be back here before too long.

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Bye @True and @Anthony. You shall both be missed. :( Hopefully you'll both come back and will have everything sorted out. :3

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I didn't go on here for a few days and man did it feel good to get things accomplished.

Sadly, I gotta keep doing that.

So, for now, bye guys.

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... It seems everyone is leaving and not enough sensible people are being brought into the community to replace them, now. Later, guys.
@True- I'll send you memes every once in a while and put some more into the community as legacy :) Good luck with your work.

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@True_Hero Good luck with your school work, enjoy building a working replica of Metal Sonic!

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RedPanda wrote:

... It seems everyone is leaving and not enough sensible people are being brought into the community to replace them, now. Later, guys.
@True- I'll send you memes every once in a while and put some more into the community as legacy :) Good luck with your work.

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we don't really need to be rattling canes after people, do we? :(

@thosewhoareleaving: by all means, please take care of IRL before focusing on the internet! Don't let NL stand in the way of your schoolwork, we'll be here when spring break and summer roll around :3

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See you later, @True.
Good luck with your work.

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Guess I'll just say I'm back already, but I won't be around a lot, since I'm still not feeling well. Just figured I'd give everyone the heads up. Also I gotta play KOF with Turtlelink.

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@CanisWolfred Welcome back and get well soon. :)




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Emeralds wrote:

All I did was rip his curtains down and leave a hair ball on Happy's pillow ;___;
he didn't feed me while it was his turn, I guess FE was more important :( :( :(
people can be so cruel ;_________________;

Sorry, I spent all my money on reeking boxes. I thought they were filled with candy, turns out they just summon an army of mindless undead. :(

But thanks guys, I've cooled down since then, I'm wearing a smile again. :)

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