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Aww man. I guess what needs to be done needs to be done. I'll miss seeing your stuff you post and your Bit.Trip obsessiveness and whatnot. But when you think maybe you can come back, just know we'll be here waiting.

Odnetnin wrote:


Hey hey hey, that's not confirmed yet.

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Take care, Od, buddy. I'll miss you. Hope you come back someday.

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@Odnetnin-Aww man, I am going to miss you. Goodbye for now, I hope you come back to NL in the future.

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See ya Punny, TBD SuperMarioFan (if it's not RISE then I'm a monkey's uncle! ), StarBoy, SUPA, Hyper, and Dragoon. Thanks for the farewell.

Just to clarify I'll still be around for the rest of today. And I'll try to give NL one last surprise before I leave.

EDIT: By the way, if you ever wanna get a hold of me in the time that I'm gone, here are some handy links.!/Odentnin - Tweets about my life and video games. I'll start checking my mentions semi-regularly, but if you want a surefire means of communication, try following me so I'll be notified.!/Odnetnin - My real name is not Maxwell Smart, by the way. Kudos to anyone who can get the reference. This is mainly for BIT.TRIP discussion, but anything flies. - I plan to finally start updating this with some of the spare time granted in my absence from NL. It's not much to look at right now, but along with some other renovations I might just use it as a hub for my fiction writings. Something to watch.

I love you too, LZ.

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lz invites everyone to a going away for Odnentin...except for Odnentin because he's leaving

Yay parties!

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Here you go od


Also for every regular that leaves can we kick out 4 newbies?

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We're gonna miss you, Odnetnin...

Man, Adam, YoshiSage, Raylax, and countless others...this is gonna be one of those years, isn't it?

Even I'm tempted to leave. It's not that I don't like it here, nor do I dislike the poeple here. Quite the contrary - I've already tried leaving twice, 3 times if you can't that temporary ban as Mr. Nice_Guy, and obviously I could never stay away. You guys are just too cool to ignore, no matter how many complaints I come up with. But, as I've said countless times before, I'm not really a Nintendo fan, and more often than not it just seems like there isn't much for me to talk about that I truly care about. Not to mention my parents and my therapist are both harping on my to use the computer less, and especially to stop coming here, and though I'm stubborn as an ox, I may have to agree with them. I suppose I'll just sleep on it, huh?

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Leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving Holiday. Will be gone until the following Saturday, with very limited internet access. Why some people do not have internet these days is beyond me. I will miss all my friends and I promise I will dream of you every night. Especially you Reala



It's nice to see that you keep in touch with the Amish. Bring me back a quilt at discount price please.

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Have fun Vay sweet dreams



I will be on Vacation on Nov. 30th and be back on December 7th hopefully. The day I comeback depends if the city I live in has a snow storm since Airplanes don't leave airports if there is a snow storm. Snow happens where I live anytime from mid November to April. I will not have internet connection at all starting on Tuesday to the day I come back. I have an airplane flight on Tuesday and the weather is good enough to leave.

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Take care, 7th lutz. Stay safe.

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This term of college has taken a bit of a bad turn. I am not in danger yet but we will see how things go. It's probably best I stay away from NLife until spring vacation or so. I will see you all after this term. Maybe now and then, I dunno. Take care all.



We will at least see You next fantasy football season. I hope your studies go well.

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