Topic: The Gloomy, Negative, Darth Wiki Thread.NO MORE HATE THREADS FLOODING GD!!

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You want to post something kinda Negative on NL?
Do you wish there was something like Darth Wiki on TvTropes? Well look no more than Here! Don't waste your time Making a gloomy thread, you already got it right here, if you don't like this thread, please make a more happier forum like a ''Everything happy'' thread, but THIS is for all things negative right now...just no inappropriate content so it won't be like 4chan and no Fa*epalms! Got it? If you enjoy this thread dearly..then good for you, no more hate thread flooding! it's all here :3, to start: I hate gravity.

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I hate the fact I didn't know Green was a guy(Red's rival) and not the girl..... I said some things that are questionable because of that..... I'm mad at myself.... O.O

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Don't we already have a 'disappointment of the day' thread for people to post the negative things that have happened to them? Please feel free to use that thread if you'd like to discuss anything negative or disappointing that you've had happen to you on a given day. Enjoy!

future of NL >:3
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