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It is my belief that gamers come in different kinds; and it is likely true that you share a similar idea. As far as it goes for me, however, is that there are several levels, or tiers, of gamers; based on interest and/or skill. They go as follows:

  • Tier 0 - Not a Gamer
    Either does not play games, or plays games very rarely - such as with friends or family. Is not particularly good at video games/shows little to no interest in video games.
  • Tier 1 - Casual Gamer
    Plays games semi-regularly to regularly. Plays smartphone/tablet games and/or games of the "casual" genre (Match Three, Hidden Object, etc.). May also play more "traditional" games, and although showing interest, is not particularly good at video games. Will likely show a moderate interest in games. Also includes the "casual FPS player" crowd. Likely will not display any "console loyalty".
  • Tier 2 - Average Gamer
    Plays games regularly, and either plays a wide range of games or plays many games of a specific genre. Is better at some games than others; may show competitive level skill in some games. May also enjoy smartphone/tablet games, but shows a greater interest in "traditional" games. Fully embraces the idea of being a gamer; may also follow gaming related news/updates. May display "console loyalty".
  • Tier 3 - Competitive Gamer
    Plays games regularly, often of a specific genre only. Is extremely proficient in a select few games (i.e.: a "Pokémon Master"), at a high competitive level. May also play other games/is generally good at most video games. Invests a large amount of time in specific games. This also includes "modders" of PC games, etc.
  • Tier 4 - Gaming Savant
    Plays games regularly, and is at a highly proficient level in all or most games that they play. At a high competitive level in multiplayer games/capable of highscores or speedruns in applicable games. Able to play games "perfectly" (i.e.: Pac-Man) or able to beat most other players competitively. Able to create generally intricate structures, etc. in sandbox games. Is able to do this on minimal time investment.

So, which tier would you consider yourself in? Or do you think a tier should be added/removed? Or do you disagree with the entire concept? Discuss!

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I'd be in Tier 2 a perfect description of my gaming habits. yeah I tried to think a new Tier but all the ones I thought were just the same as those five you've shown with minor(really small) details changed...

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