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The Bond games were at its peak during the N64 and Gamecube era with Goldeneye, World is not enough, and at least 5 Bond games on GC including From Russia with Love and Goldeneye Rogue Agent. While the Bond games formula is wearing thin, I still want them to produce more. The Wii only has Quantum of Solace and I would think they will make one based off of the next Bond film. I think they should continue releasing Bond games based on selected films in the franchise like they did with From Russia with Love and Goldeneye. Certain films come to mind such as Moonraker (Battling Jaws on the skylift in Argentina and the Martial Arts guy in Rome), A View to A Kill (Fighting Max Zorin on the blimp above Golden Gate Bridge), For Your Eyes Only (The snow chase in the Alps), and The Living Daylights (The fight on the wing of the plane above Afghanistan). I hope that studios will consider bringing more classic Bond film based games to release on the Wii and beyond.



PS3 Quantum is really fun on PS3, and Die Another Day was really fun too as well. Problem is that every game release keeps getting put on the level of Goldeneyes Nostalgia when the new games are actually really fun.

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There was a Die Another Day game? I didn't know that! I remember 007 NIghtfire released in late 2002 around the time when Die Another Day movie came out but never heard of a game based on that.



You do get to fight Jaws in at least two games: Goldeneye and Everything or Nothing. Goldeneye Rogue Agent was a disgrace to the name of James Bond. It was fun to play, but it took a dump all over the good name of Goldeneye. Everything or Nothing is, in my opinion, the best Bond game ever...but it's tough to say, because, of course, there's Goldeneye. Still, I've not yet played the Wii one....

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The next game is 007 racing isn't it?



All I ask is for Goldeneye 007 to be re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console.

Please don't reply to this post saying "Well, it'll never be on the Virtual Console due to licensing issues".


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