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Welcome! The premise of this thread is to give away games, movies, anything you'd like to give away (within reason). Let your generous side show, yo.


1. No "dibs" posts. I guess this depends on the seller, but personally, anyone who says "dibs" to an offer of mine will not be included.
2. Shipping may be required by the give-awayer, so some games may not be fully free [but close enough].
3. If you fail to send out a game, it may look bad on your part. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but don't be lax on sending your games!
4. Please do not accept games that you don't want just to own or sell them. I'm sure a lot of people would legitimately want them.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

[I won't be doing it immediately as I'm too preoccupied to send out any games at the moment. Soon, though~]



We've already got a trading post thread here. If you've got any games you'd like to give away for free, by all means, post them there. :3

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