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I would have to go with ether the first one or Tokyo drift, I have not seen the newest one though to be honest.

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DawnOverALilly wrote:

I would have to go with ether the first one or Tokyo drift, I have not seen the newest one though to be honest.

^This right here.

Of course the only ones I have seen that I remember are the first one and Tokyo Drift. I saw the fourth one but I dont remember it which means that I must not have enjoyed it cause if I did I would have remembered something. I like Tokyo Drift cause I enjoy the Japanese drift racing alot more (one of my favorite anime series is Initial D) and I liked the character more then Paul Walker's. I never did see the 5th one or 6th one cause honestly I just got bored of them and they just didn't interest me and the fact that I dont remember the fourth one after seeing it.

Now the seventh one I heard that they are suppose to be bringing back the guy from Tokyo Drift and its going to be an actually sequel to Tokyo Drift so I might check that one out, of course who knows now that Paul Walker died.

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Which one had the portly Vin Diesel somehow manhandling The Rock in hand to hand combat? That was high comedy.

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The latest ones are genuinely good action flicks. They keep getting more outlandish with each installation.

Fast and Furious is the only franchise where I actively refuse to learn the character's names. No matter how many times I've seen the movies, I still refer to the characters as Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, etc. And now Jason Statham joins the fray.

Tokyo Drift is terrible though. Those drifting effects at the end... wow.


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