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So... i've been thinking about this alot lately... what do you all think about Disney buying Marvel? i'm kinda nervous (as a big Marvel comics fan) as to what will come out of this... although i keep hearing about the Kingdom Hearts possiblities... I would love for them to remake the first 2 games and and a Marvel level or two and port them to Wii. with Disney at the head, this could be the perfect chace to blend 3 instead of just 2 great franchises, and finally bring them to a Nintendo system. aside form that, though... i'm wary. what are your thoughts?

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Disney + Marvel =

Anyway, I thought it was a bad idea. All this will probably do is re-introduce old Marvel cartoons on the Disney channels


so is this the fall of the house of ideas or kingdom hearts coming to the wii with marvel?

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This doesn't mean that they're in charge of the comics, does it?

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Ricardo91 wrote:

irken004 wrote:

Anyway, I thought it was a bad idea. All this will probably do is re-introduce old Marvel cartoons on the Disney channels

That would be the best thing to happen to the Disney channel in, well, ever!

Pretty much


The concerns are so overblown and honestly, there's already a thread regarding all of this. When Disney releases something that is Disney, yes, they tamper a lot with it with hit or miss success but what has been stated numerous times, they rarely if ever interfere in the companies they own or are partnered with i.e. Touchstone pictures and Pixar. Anyways, I'm guessing the comics are the least of Disney's concerns since the sales of comics are miserable at best (from a money making stand point) and this was done on Marvel's side to help subsidize their film division which actually makes money and, once again, as long as it's not X-men 4 brought to you by Disney, they'll have little if any impact on the movie.



irken004 wrote:

All this will probably do is re-introduce old Marvel cartoons on the Disney channels

i thought they already did that on Jetix and whatnot?

either way, i'm more interested in what Disney has planned for their theme parks, and how it will affect Universal, especially with IOA's Marvel Superhero Island being... well, Marvel Superhero Island. From what I've been told, Universal gets to keep exclusive rights to attractions based on Spidey, the Hulk, Storm, and Dr. Doom, but that leaves a metric buttload of characters up for grabs, and with Disney behind it, i'd imagine they could come up with a ride to one-up Spiderman no-problem, and holy crap that would be so awesome. I don't know whether or not Universal would ever be able to expand MSHI or put in any new Marvel rides (not that there's really room for it, but whatev') without having to go through Disney first now, and the same goes for new meet-and-greet characters.

also, the HHN planning team is going to have to be really careful about anything planned in IOA and what they parody in the Bill & Ted show. i mean, i know Disney regularly tells the Bill & Ted team to cool it with their parodies, but it would be even worse if they actively told them 'hell no, you can't use these characters at all or we'll hold it over your heads the next time you want something Marvel-related out of us'. Sony already did it to them before, but Sony wasn't Universal's direct competition... Disney could make it far worse for them if they screw up.

i could see Disney wanting to do the more 'Spiderman and Friends' type kid-friendly things in their parks, though (especially for Mickey's Not-So-Scary; the character meet-and-greets would be such a draw for them), and let Universal keep the beat-the-bad-guys-into-submission and other nitty-gritty stuff for more mature theme-park-goers... or, as I said before, there's so many Marvel characters that aren't in active use by Universal for rides or as meet-and-greet characters. There's plenty of Marvel as-yet untapped, so it'll be great to see what Disney comes up with. :3

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BTW, it's worth noting that WB owns DC comics and I don't believe Bugs Bunny has ever showed up in Batman.



I don't think it will matter to the book side of things, but considering I've not been terribly interested in what they've done with their books for 20 years that wouldn't matter anyway. As long as they keep putting out the Dr. Strange Masterworks volumes I'm happy!

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