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Here's a chance for Zelda fans to add to a constantly-expanding story! Feel free to add to the story, but be warned that there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to:

-All events must relate to the 'Zelda Universe'. That means the only characters and creatures in the story may only be thematic to 'The Legend of Zelda'. Feel free to make a character, but don't have Link meet up with Kirby to battle King Dedede! This isn't Smash Bros!

-The world in question must be Hyrule, just to keep fans happy. Later on, I may add a quest to Labrynna, Holodrum or even another, more original place, but it will be Zelda-themed!

-The factors of the story must revolve around Link & the Triforce of Courage, Zelda & the Triforce of Wisdom and Ganondorf & the Triforce of Power! Remember, Zelda-themed!

-Each section must end with an incomplete sentence and start by finishing the previous one. Also, make sure each section is well-presented, with a good choice of words and story elements. People love a good story! And nothing vulgar or obscene, or anything that doesn't relate to the story!

Anyway, time to begin...


"Link, wake up!"


The screeching voice of Cousin Lulu caused Link to awaken. He sat up, and yawned.

"...why did you wake me?"

The little girl beamed.

"It's harvest time! This year has seen a crop of the biggest, juiciest--

"Pay me 20 Rupees and I'll talk."
"Never forget the comfort of freshly-washed shorts."


"--apples ever! Hurry up! I want to pick apples!"

The young boy jumped out of bed and put on his favourite white shirt.

"Yay! Let's go pick apples!"

Lulu burst outside, laughing. Link barely heard her yell, "Villagers, let's pick some a-" before the wind blew shut. Link yawned and retrieved his lucky-

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"Pay me 20 Rupees and I'll talk."
"Never forget the comfort of freshly-washed shorts."


deku nut and ran outside. There was a giant whirewind of..

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Saira. Link thought," Oh man! The only way I could get there quick enough is by using Pegasaus Boots! And those don't exist anymore!"

Link sighed. e walked over to a tree stump and sat. Meanwhile, Lulu was running shouting," HEY! COME BACK HERE APPLES!!!"

Link pulled out his Deku Nut. He looked at it and almost ate it because he had missed breakfast.


Link got up. That was Lulu! He ran to try and see what happened. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around, then fainted.

When he woke up, he had-


been trapped in a weird dungeon full of..

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And then Ganon farted and the world imploded and everyone was sad.

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Okay, guys, Npurist said that this was serious, not like 3 (or should I say 4) Word Story. I am starting off SUPERZELDAMAN'S post.

one-eyed creatures. He was in a jail cell. He looked around for a way out. All he found was a green tunic. He put it on because his favorite shirt was ripped.

He reached into the pocket of the tunic and found a map and a compass. He thought, "Great. Nobody uses these."

Then he looked at the map, he saw a way out! There was a narrow hole in the wall that he crawled through.

When he got out, the compass pointed him towards an item. He ran that way, but was stopped by-



"Hey! Listen!"

Navi explained that Princess Zelda had a message for him and that message was --

Somebody set up us the bomb.
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That Link's whole quest was futile and he should return home. He does so when he find that his house is covered in --

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