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Topic: The Earth looks so small from up here.

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Japan and Australia are already gone.

RIP Kangaroos and Raccoon dogs

Rest in Peace ShiftyLook
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For us in Australia, it's everyone else that's gone. It's great here!

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MrSRArter wrote:

Japan and Australia are already gone.

RIP Kangaroos and Raccoon dogs

So you honestly think the world's ending one timezone at a time? /facepalm

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Tretton* :3

Looking good up there LJM >:3
I did send you some aspirin and make-up remover you're gonna need both~

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Hey, oh wise and powerful LordJumpMad...would you mind if I "borrowed" your 3rd Delorean? If it has a flux capacitor I will take extra good care of it.

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This reminds me of a certain thread...

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Haha? The moon? I'll watch you crash into the Earth from the comforts of the center of the sun.

Best safe spot.

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Wait you can't cancel tomorrow I need to watch desperate housewives. My gosh, the world really is ending T_T.

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Happy_Mask wrote:

This reminds me of a certain thread...

Why must you bring that up? I got married like 7 times in Nintendo Life :O

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Well, I'm spending my day in an undersea bunker on CEarth, which is right next to regular Earth. The bunker, the planet, and the water were hidden off to the public just because. Guess what? Pikmin 3 is out on this planet. :3

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Why hasn't the Earth ended. I went through my entire fate line and killed Timpletot for nothing. (common explicitive in Tales games) IT!

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