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Is anyone else here a fan/ player of D & D?

I've been collecting and playing the game since I was five, and 2nd edition was in full swing. The game's changed a lot over the years, but I love each edition in its own way - 2nd edition is full of nostalgia for me, 3rd edition has some great gameplay mechanics, and 4th edition feels fresh, fast-paced and new.

Unfortunately I don't get to play much any more I'm hoping Google Wave, when it's made public, might help things along there, because playing virtually's about the only way I'll get to from now on out.

I've also experimented with other RPGs - Vampire: The Masquade, Call of Cthulhu and Star Wars, amongst others, and I'd like to give Battle Star Galactica a shot, but I've yet to find anything that even comes close to D & D. The best of the rest if Grimm, which is fairy tales, turned dark and RPG, and Kobolds Ate My Baby - which is a great beer game.'s Pathfinder, which originally was 3rd edition D & D before they branched into their own (slightly different, but core mechanics are the same), is also very, very, very good quality.

Also, for Pen-and-paper fans - is a brilliant lampooning of D & D and co. I rate it highly!


i have some friends that play it and my friends dad is really into it. i guess the closet i've been to playing it is magic the gathering and baulder's gate.


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I played a LOT in my younger days. Marriage sorta killed my pen and paper gaming time though. I started with Advanced D&D...back when you could buy the books at Toys R Us. My favorite version of D&D is 2nd ed. I still have a lot of my old books. I've played just about every rpg up until the 3rd edition time frame.

My top 3 are:
1. Mutant Chronicles
2. Cyberpunk
3. D&D 2nd edition

Gotta lotta fond memories. Had a decent gaming group too back in the day of about 6 peeps.



I would love to try the game, but it's rather difficult to get started with. We got a few guides once and it fell on me to make the first dungeon, but I was just completely overwhelmed and didn't know where or how to start. I always wanted to try if someone who knew the game already would teach me, but that opportunity sadly never presented itself to me. The idea of playing such a huge game on only pen and paper has always been hugely appealing.

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I´ve playes some 3:rd edition D&D, fairly amusing since there are so many races, jobs and feats to choose from. But my favourite roleplaying games are TSR:s old Marvel Roleplayinggame (easy rules and fun to play) and the swedish game Mutant (Not Mutant Chronicles, this is the 1989 Mutant) Mutant is a D100 basic roleplayinggame. The edition I play is a cyperpunk/ post apocalyptic game where corporations rule mankind and everyone is corrupt. You get to play as cyborgs, mutants or PSI-mutants (mental powers) Moody, amusing and hard to survive

@Magi: Cool that you played a game of swedish origins... Chronicles has a fun mechanism for creating rolepersons.



I've played a few sessions of the third edition but our groups never last. I'm currently playing the Star Wars RPG version weekly though. Its fun stuff but winter break we're starting a new D&D campaign. So yes I'm a fan of that type of thing.

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I really don't do it much these days, as getting people together can be difficult, but I played it quite a bit some time back.

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