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WingedFish wrote:

vision of the future.

I swear, all of my dreams these days are visions. Six months later, or when whatever I dreamt about actually happens, I always think "now where have I seen this before?"

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I don't usually have interesting dreams, but last night's was really confusing. I had several dreams, and in the first one I think I was jumped in an alley and got a stab wound in my side and two in my left leg. It hurt, but not enough to wake me up. In the dreams afterwards, I distinctly remember that my leg was still bleeding even though they were at more mundane situations.

In the weird transient state between awake and asleep this morning, I honestly believed that I was still bleeding D:

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Once I had a dream that i had Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime. That was years ago. I still can't find it ANYWHERE.

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SheldonRandoms wrote:

Why I never had a dream about Fred Rechid........................impossible.

Still nothing........what's going on, where's my dream/nightmare about Fred Rechid?

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Among a bunch of other separate dreams that I won't even bother trying to write down, last night I had one where I saw the list of Gold and Platinum rewards, and it was freaking huge. I didn't have time to actually look at it, but I know there was at least one big name retail game (Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon I think) you could get, along with a ton of other cool stuff to choose from. Too bad the actual rewards probably won't be anywhere near as cool...


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Oh boy, I haven't posted here in a bit. Let's add these dreams to my catalog:

  • In one dream, me and my intellectually gifted/power hungry friend were debating something, as we often do. Then, I remember he and I going on and on, to the point where we actually interfered with regular day civilian life. Somehow, our little quarrel escalated to the point of madness, and we both had control over our own armies, except he had a complete army at that point (something I find highly likely he would do if ever given the slightest sliver of power). He had a military uniform like the one Stalin was typically portrayed in for some reason (my friend is Russian and we were in the ballpark of the WWI/WWII unit in US history). I remember him talking to me, telling me this was the climax of everything we ever stood for. I woke up shortly after.
  • In this dream, I was back in rural China (where I was born). This time, I was my teenage self, and I assume, judging by the clothing and my general attitude, that this was some sort of reality where I never left in the first place (I'm also assuming this is a reality where I don't have my ADHD and all that, since such a pair of realities cannot coexist). I snuck into this attic place, and it was very bright, dusty, and somewhat old. I was looking around the room and picked up some old photographs along the way. Then, I found myself in a Chinese school and about to leave for the day (weird, I never actually went to school there). On the way out, I bought a snake with lime/emerald green scale and a beige belly from a vendor off the street (buying small animals off the street was common when I was a kid, but never had I seen snakes. It was usually rabbits or little chicks) I remember raising the snake in my dream, despite the dismay of my parents. One day, I came back home, and the snake's scales had turned a bright orange, and its eyes were dark and empty with big yellow irises. It slowly slithered around the floor before turning to face me, and then it jumped at my face. That's when I woke up.
  • In this other dream, I wandered into some kind of exquisite club gathering or something. Everyone was wearing fancy black suits, but it was held inside a school gymnasium for some reason. The bricks were a very dark shade of grey, and I could see the concrete separating them. All the ceiling lights were off, leaving only certain LED beams hanging on the sidewalls to brighten up the room. There were a few wooden bars made for climbing I remember seeing in elementary school. I couldn't make out the banners, but I remember them being a very similar shade of yellow/gold we use for our high school. Heck, the mattresses were very similar too. Some dishes were in aluminum foils, while others were in black metal containers. I walked up to one of the foils, and it had teriyaki chicken and lobster in it, albeit somewhat charred. Then, this black guy (don't ask why) comes up. He looked a lot like our former anime club president from freshman year, down to the haircut, facial structure, and smile. He had a large table set up that I didn't even notice containing hundreds of white Wii game casings stashed in some old office boxes. The games I remember pulling out were Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles. Because it was a weekday though, my mom pulled me out of bed for summer school. :_:
  • This one was definitely weird. We were at the auditorium in my old Canadian school, but the stage itself was from my current high school: red curtains, bright wooden stage with a lid for the band pit, and huge, beaming spotlights. I was just walking down the rows, when I noticed my old friends were there. I went up and talked to them, and they reacted just as I thought they would: some ignored me or looked away in disapproval, others struck general conversation with me, some mocked me, and some were thrilled to see me again. I remember spending the rest of the time just talking an showing them around the school (although, the parts I did show were pretty obscure, like the theater room, or the black box, etc.)

Yep, my dreams are weeeeeeeird

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I dreamed once that I was on a boat going down a river trying to catch the king slime from Terraria which was knocking down trees and towns. I woke up before I could find out if I got him. Best dream ever!


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I had a dream that I was FAAAAANDAAAAAANGOOOOOOO and I was trying to seduce a japanese blonde dressed like a nurse, but it didn't happen and I took the elevator and bumped into a guy that looked like Steve Urkel and I thought he was Sin Cara and he gave me the weirdest look so I just left the elevator all awkward.
Weird dream.


I had a dream couple days ago I was in Pikmin 3 and looking over the pikmin in the air, like some entity...but then for some reason my thoughts within the dream deemed the gameplay horrible. I was horrified myself when i woke up but then i just realized what had happened. I'm sure though that the real Pikmin 3 is amazing and I am buying it day 1.

My Pikmin are ready.

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Been awhile since I last posted here.

I had a dream where I was with some sort of police organisation (not sure if I was an officer myself, or just with them), and we were raiding some sort of factory. There were heavily armed Chinese soldiers inside though, and they easily pushed us out.

I was scared and running, when all of a sudden, the American army (led by Hulk Hogan), came around the corner and started fighting the Chinese army. Hogan's presence got my morale up, and I started fighting off soldiers with fancy martial arts, before waking up.


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I had a dream that a pink pony named PinkiePie (i think that's her name) was pretending to be a guarddog near someone's house. I visited that house and she barked and giggled at me but never attacked me.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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So, not last night but two nights ago, I dreamed I was frozen and reawoken 3 years later in 2017. My younger brother was now older than me, Super Smash 4 was out and everything was... different. It was kind of scary in a way.

But I figured out I might have had this dream because I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness Saturday.

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I had a dream where my crush said "I HATE YOU!" And for some reason she called me "Mickey is better"... weird.

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i had a dream i had this back:

im talking about the toilet of course

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I had a dream where I was in the grocery store with my mom and everyone walks out through a door (including my mom) and before I got to the door, the lights went out and the door closed. I tried to open it, but it locked.

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I dreamt yesterday that I went to a decently sized bookstore and a majority of the manga was on sale. All the books I was picking out where Mangas of animes I'm watching right now. I found an omnibus Hellsing manga and it suddenly disappeared and I was upset. I just went to the cashier to buy what I wanted went to some party and woke upl


This morning I had one where my house, which normally backs up into a forest, was high up on a cliff overlooking an estuary (a river system that connects to the ocean). And there was a beached blue whale on the shore with a red gash running down its belly. Then, it suddenly came to life and the water level rose, almost reaching the house.

The whale, while trying to swim back out to sea, kept ramming into the house right where my mom was sitting, who never bothered to move for some reason, and managed to only break a window.

Later it left and the river receded, revealing a pod of beluga whales and their babies left on shore. My and my sister went out to pick up the babies (which magically shrunk to the size of my fingers), only for my chickens, who apparently escaped their pen, to run out and try to eat them. I tried to get them to eat the little fish that were also washed up instead, and just before I threw a handful of beluga whale babies out into the estuary, I woke up.


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I had a dream where I was watching a television program, where they were discussing the inspiration for Axe Cop (some stupid new cartoon coming to Fox), which was various cartoon parodies of the Terminator character.

Then, for some reason, my father, brother, & myself were driving into Kansas to go fishing (we're from Missouri). There was a high population of Japanese people in this part of the state though, so all the signs & buildings were in Japanese, and 8-bit Mario & Luigi sprites were jumping across the fields.

My dad was about to miss a turn, so he twisted the steering wheel tightly, at which point the car flipped over into the lake. I flew out of the car, onto the shore & was screaming for my father & brother, but they swam out of the lake unharmed.

On the way back home (we were picked up by a sheriff), I realized my 3DS was gone (fell out of my pocket, & into the lake, during the crash), and was wondering how/if I'd get the chance to say goodbye to the NL community (since I use my 3DS browser).

Due to the monetary setback of the crash, we had to move back into our old house (which we moved from in '98). Now, in this dream, we still owned the house, but were letting an African American family live there, since we weren't. Of course, we couldn't let them stay, since we were moving back in, and they were upset & said we were only kicking them out to be racist. When we moved back in, it was just like our current house, except it had no lights.

Needless to say, that was one weird dream.


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I just woke up from a really strange dream. It started out with my mom and I shopping at a store in France. I remember looking at the price of pop and gasping at how expensive it. It then turned into a Walmart. After paying, we then walked out to the parking lot.

At that point, my dream drastically changed. I was with these random people fighting against Jason Vorhees. We began by discussing how dangerous he is and how to defeat him. Then a guy painted out "Call the feds!" on his back porch in an effort to get the police's attention. We also called the cops. They never showed up. After that, Jason showed up without his mask on. After that it gets too strange and gruesome to tell. I'm still kinda freaked out as I just woke up from that dream..

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I had a dream where I thought I swallowed mouthwash, and then when I woke up, I wondered if I swallowed mouthwash.

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