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I think we have a fair share of Dog and Cat lovers here at Nintendo Life. So I think it would be great to have a fun debate on which pet is better to have Dogs, or Cats.
So Nintendo Life, which pet species is better Dogs or Cats, and why?

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If by debate you mean a barrage of subjective posts stating 'dog' or 'cat' then yes, we'll certainly get one of those.
Anyway - I've always been a cat person. I don't have the time to own an overly dependant dog and walk it everyday. I also like my house not smelling, having a creature that knows its own way back to my house, can be easily toilet trained, wont bark all the time, keep me up all night, harass strangers and slobber on everyone. Cats are independent, loving and don't cause problems. Many people complain about cats being lazy, unloving or a general nuisance, but having owned more than 10 over the course of my life so far, this has never been an issue.

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Dogs are loyal, loving and do tricks. Cats poo under your desk and pee on your sister's back. Which one do you think I prefer?

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Bulby wrote:

Dogs are loyal, loving and do tricks. Cats poo under your desk and pee on your sister's back. Which one do you think I prefer?

Dogs eat their own poo. I don't want to be around anything that does that.

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I have to agree with Geonjaha about dogs being far too dependant and smelly. Plus the thought of having to pick up after a dog when it's been for a dump is just distugsting.
Atleast cats have the decency to take themselves outside, and wash themselves.

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Cats are the best. They are sweet, cute as all get out, very very loving, they purr, they're smart, loyal, adorable, peaceful, and just absolutely wonderful. I think I missed some things too. So cats win by a lot. Edit: They also have the decent to go to the cat bathroom (litter box) and not bother you about it. You clean the box once day and it's all covered for instead of licking up a fresh release off the ground after taking a dog outside. Edit: great joke on my typo @Geonjaha

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Jaz007 wrote:

Cars are the best. They are sweet, cute as all get out, very very loving, they purr, they're smart, loyal, adorable, peaceful, and just absolutely wonderful.

Where you buying your cars? >.>

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Well, in all fairness, cats invented the Internet. Modern society wouldn't exist without the Internet or LOL catz. Thankfully, cats are generous and helpful creatures.

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Cats absolutely loathe you. They despise your existence, and are utterly selfish, vindictive, jealous creatures. That is why they are infinitely better than dogs.


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I love dogs. They bring a smile to people's face (mine, at least). They are very fun to play with and very helpful when trained. And a big advantage is that they're more likely to make owners physically active in some way than cats in general. And in response to dogs making messes, some cats have a tendency to kill little critters and leave them around or "give" to their owners, like my roommates' cat >:3

But really. I like them both. It's also fun to play with my roommates' cat, even though it's just posing my hand as some mischievous prey that gets lightly bitten by her

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After my arm got chomped on by a Rottweiler back in secondary school, I'm not big on dogs... In some cases, they're OK I guess.

I had a cat (named 'Garfield' :3) that sadly died a few years ago. Oddly, I wasn't very emotional about the news that day. Maybe deep down, I decided to let him have a dignified death by not making a fuss about it. Not big on what cats have done to parts of the internet, but oh well. Plus @Emmy gave me some support at times, so there's that.

I guess I'm pretty neutral to both, leaning slightly towards cats..

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Dogs. They're far more interesting and seem like they're genuinely loyal and care about you. While every cat I've had just tends to ignore me all the time and are just plain boring

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Mew mew meow!~

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I've got to go with cats here. I've never owned a dog, (my whole family is incredibly allergic to about every mammal alive, besides people) but in my experiences they are a bit too loving. They constantly try to get your attention, lick you raw, and invade your personal space, making it almost impossible to move without falling on your face, to which you will be licked more and possibly humped. Not to mention the fact that they take great pleasure in fertilizing your yard. You pretty much become a slave to a dog, taking it on walks, cleaning up its messes, and feeding it, just so you can get a noise complaint from you neighbor. Cats are much more civil. They require much less attention, care, and are much more of a companion. Having owned 3 cats, you never have much of a problem with them. Once you understand their personality, you can have a lot of fun with them. Cats can sometimes do hilarious things and when they are curious you can nearly die laughing as they satisfy their curiosity.

I want everyone to understand I don't hate dogs, but have had problems with them my entire life, namely their disregard for personal space.

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