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This group is for anyone that has a request for prayer, a question they have about the bible, or if they have a problem and don't know where to look. Also, if you have a personal problem you need help with, I hope people will volunteer on this thread by sharing their network id or any other way of contact. You can contact me for any questions at Justlink1 by sending me a friend request and sending me a question.
Mark 16:15-"And he said to them 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature'"

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-Johann Most (from the book "Die Gottespest")

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Not the appropriate place.

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Huh this is a first for this website

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I attend church groups and activities almost every day, so I probably own't be using this much, sorry. I may comment once in a while though if it doesn't get derailed and banned.

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Although I won't really use this thread, I have to say good for you!
We have threads about many other things, so I definitely think this is perfectly fine on NL.
I hope that you have great success with this, and that many lives will be helped by this.



@technotaylor98 ty, i hope people won't be to shy, seeing as no real names are given, so there's no need to feel worried

I'm Justlink1 on Miiverse, look me up.
Do you like videogames? If so, you must know
It's dangerous to go Alone.
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anyone here like splatterhouse?

the_shpydar wrote:
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