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Man, I would LOVE to get home before 6 PM (often later) at some point this week. X_X ... Maybe tomorrow.

@ThanosReXXX The thing with me and phones (electronics in general) is that I try to be REALLY careful with them. I invest in cases and screen protectors when needed. Despite all my caution, I'm still pretty clumsy at times; I've been known to trip on air. Some of it is admittedly how I walk; I've had my fair share of rolled ankles.

I can agree with wanting something up to date, which is why I did upgrade my phone last year. It was still receiving the occasional security update from MS, but they were few and far between. I was still running Windows Phone 8.1 and refuses to upgrade to WP 10 since I had read it could be quite buggy. Shortly after I decided to jump off that failing wagon, they announced that Windows Phone was essentially dead. 😛 It's a shame because I loved that phone, but the lack of essential apps and the failing support were starting to kill me.

I know that my phone is still supported. I'll likely upgrade again in a couple of years, but for now I'm still pleased with it. It accomplishes everything I need it to.

Honestly, my main issues with public transportation stem from sanitation and overcrowding. Public areas = germ central. Being packed in with people like a sardine doesn't help with my anxiety level either. As for taxis...those are expensive.

I could adapt to public transportation in the right environments I suppose. I'm not expecting the Taj Mahal, but some basic cleanliness would be nice. I think a certain Weird Al song summarizes my feelings well.

Also...Yes. A good part of the reason some of our food is so sweet is because it's full of corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. They're cheaper AND sweeter than using normal sugar, but they're definitely higher processed ingredients.

Edit: I sympathize on the sales. On the one hand, sales are when I pick up a lot of games. On the other, if a lot of games on my wishlist get discounts....

@NEStalgia From how u understand it, indoor malls are slowly failing due to the very high rent. Another factor here is that a lot of the shopping moved towards the north end of town where a lot of the through traffic is funneled. It's clogged with strip malls, hotels, and restaurants.

The part of town the old mall is in is getting a little rough too. Not only did someone bust into the locked mall with a vehicle they lifted to rob a jewelry store, but the dollar amount of how much they stole wouldn't have been worth all that hassle IMO. That part of town is still fairly safe during the day, but it's best to avoid it at night. Plenty of vandalism and car break-ins (Mostly attempts, thankfully).

Other than a small handful of chain stores, the rest of the units are either empty or house local small-time businesses.

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After clicking on your link @klingki everything looked so fake that i was afraid to click on anything. But after a little research i can confirm that it is indeed correct.


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@BacklogBlues I’m sure I was just as surprised as you! I do a daily check of the game store on Nintendo’s website as it’s the only way I can really keep up with everything as it comes out. I think I hit three stages of shock when I saw this one. First when I saw the price, then when I saw it was a 3DS game, and then again when I saw the screenshots and the description. I feel like it has to be a pricing error, unless there’s something I’m missing.



My only guess @klingki is that since it's a game to check your eyesight they might figure that a Dr.'s office, School, nursing home ect. might buy it. Therefore they think they can charge more for it. But really just like you i don't know.


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Well it's official. Today I recieved the largest purchase order in company history. Now all i need is my boss to say, " how do you want to celebrate ?" To that I'd say, " take me to a Brazilian steakhouse and let me feast on pounds of meat and expensive red wine



@Ryu_Niiyama I missed your excellent post yesterday!

".you are just watching your life go down the drain with a retirement that you won't be able to survive looming. "

And then they can't figure out why birth rates are down and seem generally confused by this, and the solution is to import more and more young people from elsewhere and making said in-debted native population pay for them by taking more money from them.

" The middle class is being priced out of existence and there is really no room for us among the poor."

That's probably the best put, most simple version I've heard. That's really it. You can't move up, there's no actual stability in the "middle", and you're not poor enough to be "poor", so you're trapped forever in a nowhere place. At times I wonder if absolute poverty is an upgrade. They give you things taken from other people. Plenty of people in that bracket know how to "work the system" to get the handouts, then work minimum wage tax free under the table (illegally but "it's only wrong if you get caught"), and end up with more actual discretionary income than I do.

"The funny part is that I would be considered gainfully employed if I just listed my salary (I make more than both of parents combined did at the same age...), "

Yeah that's the thing. I'm making what 20 years ago I'd considered a dream - endgame. I'm set if I make that in my life. And now it's the "new minimum wage", especially around here, where the average is almost double that now. But I have to keep up in spending with those people because that's what's around me now.

"house, car and a dog people were subsidized by government programs, many that were not available to minorities."

Not really. there was some of that, but that's not the bulk of it. The reality was EVERYONE could work a middle class income. "Middle class" now means "professional class" for only the most skilled and specially trained. Back then "working class" was "middle class" and "professional class" wasn't that far above it. Now it's stratified, where "middle class" consists of "professional" and is more closer to what wealthy used to be before wealthy became more akin to medieval feudal lords, and "working class" is still called "middle class" for political purposes but is actually closer to "poverty." Back then anybody with an able body could work at any factory or physical labor job, and make true middle class money, pension, retirement, and only ONE person in the household needed to do it, the other took care of the household (No offense, but I still loathe the whole movement of women in the workforce, not because it needed to stay "men work, women raise the kids" but because it was a scorched earth program that played into the hands of the bankers and industrialists that doubled the workforce and halved the pay each....rather than changing the standard from men work, women raise the family to "it can be either" it changed it to what we currently have... nobody raises the family unless you can afford to import a nanny, everyone else gets to pay for it, and without two incomes you can't get by. That's one of the root causes. The other is that now to be anything but minimum wage, you need to be "professional", there's no working class middle class.

The longer root of that however, is simply overpopulation. Supply and demand (I've mentioned this in other threads you weren't participating in, but.) The European and American golden ages in the 50's and 60's were largely due to massive population reduction from the wars. The Renaissance was largely due to population reduction of the Great Pestilence. Too much labor supply, and gains in efficiency means less demands, means much of the human race is simply excess that's unneeded and each has little to no value unless possessing a significantly above average ability. To fix the economy, a purge is required. War, famine, plague, one or the other or all three. Mass extinction is the only real proven solution to the conundrum. China's working on it though. Please look forward to that.

@ThanosReXXX By the way, speaking of American food, I noticed like you mentioned, all the chicken packages state "contains up to 15% solution." A.K.A. yes, they inject it with fluid here. I"m assuming it's a brine, mostly meant to preserve shelf life. So our produce is filled with waterproof pesticides designed to annihilate organic matter, our water is filled with heavy metals, and our meat is filled with brine (and who knows what else.) Why not just eat fast food? That's the other thing. Produce starts losing it's nutrients the moment it's cut from the plant. In a few days it's pretty much dead no matter how "green" it looks. Most of our produce is 1-3 weeks old by the time we get it, especially in the East. The overwhelming majority comes from what @Morpheel would consider the extreme south. Chile, Peru, Guatemala. Then it sits in customs quarantine for a week or so in CA. Then it's shipped ground for another week across the US, typically unrefrigerated (and might get frozen in winter in a truck/boxcar), then it sits in a distribution warehouse for some period of days, then it goes in another truck to stores where it sits in a stockroom for a day or more, before going out on the shelf where it sits for unknown periods of time. It may look fresh, but the produce has roughly zero nutritional value by the time you eat it. Odds are the potato chips have more actual nutrients. The grain has all the nutrients burned out of it by the high speed processing rollers, though that's likely true in Europe too (and same for polished rice in Asia.) And meat is typically frozen even if it's served "fresh" in the store. Same for fast food, lots of stores from the low end to the high end advertize "fresh, never frozen!" That's a lie and a technicality that is "true according to the letter of the law". Meat, and most other fresh food products except produce, are required by USDoT law to be frozen during transport over the road over state lines. That means unless it was grown locally (usually it wasn't, and if it was it's the extremely expensive stuff, or you live in one of the big supplier states for a product, like Texas for beef etc) it was certainly frozen before you got it. It would be illegal not to have been. So then how can they advertise both in chains and supermarkets "fresh, never frozen?" when the entire meat department was frozen? Legal verbiage. The FDA required measurement for commercially frozen food is below 0F. The USDoT required measurement is below 32F, the freezing point of water. So the food is transported below 32F, which doesn't qualify for being considered frozen by the FDA. Therefore the food was never frozen. Even though it was frozen for weeks.

Similarly a can of Crisco, which is, quite literally, a can of transfat...that's what Crisco is, a can of hydrogenated oil which is what transfat is, proudly advertises NO TRANSFAT! And TRANSFAT FREE! How? By adjusting the portion sizes. Government requirement for the Nutrition Facts sheet says that less than 1% of daily total can be rounded down to 0%. So they adjusted the printed serving size down to half a teaspoon. Half a teaspoon of pure transfat is less than 1% of your daily recommended total transfat. Therefore it can be printed as 0%. Therefore the 2lb can of transfat contains no transfat. And you wonder why we're stressed, confused, and unhealthy? Of course in CA, a lot of your produce was fresh. We tore down all our farms and build Porche dealers, corporate campuses, Home Depots, and 250 luxury carriage homes atop them. So we just get our "really fresh" produce from CA where we still get it a week and a half or so after you would have eaten it and it has no more nutrients left. And the rest comes from Chile and El Salvador. The meat probably came from China, and may or may not contain fluorocarbons, but we're not allowed to know because they removed the law that had to tell us, but it was definitely "fresh, never frozen!"

I.E. there's no discernible difference between freshly made food and McDonalds. They're both about as nutritious and poisonous.

NOW, as for your range hood, that makes a lot more sense. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but on the inside it's clear that it's what we'd call a "downdraft." That's a normal active ventilation system that many people used to get instead of hoods. They were popular in the 80's and 90' they're recognized as sucking (or more to the point, not sucking....) and not being nearly as efficient as a hood, but they're overall pretty decent, and I'm betting your building-wide system is significantly more effective than the consumer Whirlpool downdrafts of the 1980s here. For all practical purposes you have an external exhausting hood, even if it's not a hood. And that explains it. For me. No ventilation. Nothing. Not of any sort. All air in the room stays in he room forever. There's an aluminum mesh (or for more premium a stainless baffle) that separates the larger grease droplets so the air coming out isn't heavily grease laiden (the baffles work better than the meshes), and a charcoal filter to absorb some percentage of odor. But where your system DOES pull out whatever minor smoke emerges from the pan, the aluminum/baffles do not, the smoke just goes right through into the room. (Yes, you have smoke, you don't see it, and it's exhausted with your system.) Mine stays in the house and spreads. Additionally exhausting food odors externally is effective. Charcoal only can do so much, most of the food odor is just blown through the house.

These silly systems are common in the US where electric stoves are used. (Plus if you have an electric coil stove, you're going to burn stuff....the uneven heat guarantees that. I don't use the coil anymore I just have the one induction hob, but the exhaust issue remains.

If you want to experience the fun, block up your fan pipes. Put a desktop oscilating fan on your counter, and put an aluminum mesh and charcoal pad filter in front of it. Happy cooking. Welcome to my kitchen and that of may Americans. (Actually don't do that since you have gas and that could be very dangerous.....even here with gas, external ventilation is mandatory.) But you get the idea!

EDIT: Caveat for Ryu, when I said things like "everyone" could work factory etc, I realize there's the minority issue, and for the large concept I'm blithely ignoring that, because that was another disastrous scorched earth issue where the problem back then was that the American way of life was denied to specific groups systematically. And when Civil Rights became a thing, instead of the effort going into changing it so that it was no longer denied to said groups and was truly available to all, the effort went into destroying it so it was available to none instead.....and a good chunk of that was funded/provoked by the USSR...... We truly did lose the cold war.

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@NintendoByNature BTW, was it you or @AlohaPizzaJack that was talking Burger King a few weeks ago? I noticed banners when I went by saying "Now available, burgers for breakfast!" I thought of you guys. They did that like 20 years ago, apparently discontinued it, and now it's back

@Tyranexx The problem with the malls also is a banking issue. Yes, converting them all women's clothing and mostly from the same 4 companies destroyed it. Check how many companies GAP owns. Half the mall was GAP company stores. The other half was the parent of Old Navy (Victoria's Secret, Yankee Candle....all the same company.) And the overall disappearance of small businesses to be replaced with national publicly traded chains fed that. So when ONE company downsized, half the mall went vacant. But the high rent problem was a self inflicted wound. Back in the "how high is high" "dot com bubble" 90's market, the malls all decided things would keep getting better and better, and they rennovated the whole mall, and refinanced, borrowing against the whole thing at very high premium. Then the market crashed in 2000. Trouble is the banks that own the malls mortgages have them locked in an OBSCENE per-square-foot leasing price based on 1995-1999 projections of what the space would be worth today if the market kept skyrocketing at the dot-com speed. And the banks WILL NOT LET THEM lease for less.

So supply and demand. Demand is low, drop your lease pricing, stores arrive, demand increases, rent rises. Nope, no can do, the bankers would rather see it go empty if they can't get their max lease rate. Then they can foreclose, pocket the difference, and sell it again.

That's part of why they build a dozen strip malls across from the mall. New construction means it's not locked at 1995 projections of 2019 rent per sqft. Because we do everything backwards here because banks own us, and in half the cases Beijing owns the banks. So we have these gorgeous mall structures that are perfectly nice, that we're letting decay until they fall down because the bankers that own it (and the stupid mall owners that leveraged it 20+ years ago) will only take all or nothing and no longer work within the principles of capitalism.....funny....anti-capitalist banks. Got to love it.

Also, where's @rjejr you've missed like 3 pages so far of text walls you'd enjoy, Mister!



@NEStalgia "text walls you'd enjoy"

Enjoy. I do not think that word means what you think it means. It's spring, I'm outside, where my kids should be but they're in the basement playing Yoshi and SSBU. Not that I'm enjoying the outside much, mostly yard work, but it's still better than being inside.

Your long paragraph about clothing stores shutting down left out them being filled w/ gyms nobody uses and City MD doctors offices nobody uses. I have seen gyms morphing into "self defense" MMA type places, which is probably good for people to get out there anger and prepare for the apocalypse. Lots of anger to work through. And if the Pres gets re-elected that's 62% of the population who will need stress relief even more for another 4 years. More weed dispensaries and psychiatrist offices may be the next wave of replacement stores. Oh, we have a few vape shops too. But head shops need to make a comeback. Every Starbucks selling caffeine needs to have an equal an opposite qualude store nearby.

Time to get outside. Well actually time to shower to buy more outside stuff at Lowe's. My bbq grills are rusted beyond repair, I need new grates or a new grill.

You can keep cc'ing me though, I don't mind popping in every once in awhile, just don't expect me to be a regular until October.

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@ThanosReXXX It's just muscle damage in my chest. Should heal no problem.

In exciting news I ordered a white PS4 Pro because I'm a freak of nature.

In even more exciting news, I should have a new department manager in a few weeks, god willing. 5 candidates, so odds are good.

And in sad, but then great news, my supervisor quit suddenly on Monday after only being back for less than three weeks. He was last in consistently in December. Buuuuut I did say I'm interested in moving up

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Just now i have watched Aladdin 2019 at my local theatre inside Mall. 😉
My impression was kinda mixture of these feelings:
1. Awesome 😃
I was fascinated by Genie's performance "Friends Like Me", the outfits of main casts (Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie, etc) and "A Whole New World" scene by Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.
2. Hilarious 🤣
Genie in this version (by Will Smith) was pretty hilarious and thank goodness... Not as weird as the cartoon version (Too many modern lifestyle as Genie's other disguises). When the Genie mentioned about Ababwa, i was thinking "Abab... what?!
Also, the moment when Dalia closed the door and expressed her excited feeling to have a boyfriend (Genie) was really hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣
3. Awkward / Embarrassed 😳
When Prince Ali (Aladdin) was keep mentioning about a lot of kind of jams for bread, his awkwardness to greet the Sultan and Princess Jasmine, i was so embarrassed like facepalm on my face.
4. Tears of Happines 😭
I dunno but... I tried to hold my feeling when Aladdin set the Genie free and became human, i couldn't hold my tears of happiness. My lip was shutted tight, my tears was suddenly fell down from my eyes to watch that precious moment.

Overall, it was pretty good Live Action adaptation Disney movie. 😃

Oh, btw...
At the beginning i was surprised Will Smith played as normal human and with his two kids. At first i was thinking "Ow, maybe he was a Daddy told a fairy tale about Aladdin and his Genie." But i was wrong at the end of story. I was shocked when i saw Dalia as Genie's husband and the two kids before was their kids after got married

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@Anti-Matter So wait, is Disney just remaking their entire animated history in live action all in one year?! That doesn't bode well for Kingdom Hearts.....



@Tyranexx Yeah, from what I now know about US public transport, coupled with your shall we say, temporary hindrances in the social department (I'm still convinced you'll be able to overcome them at some point, so I'm sticking with the positive outlook), I can well imagine how much of a thing it would be to participate in this means of transport.

Besides me always having been a people person, I've also learned over the years to close myself off, in areas or rooms that I don't want to be in or with people I don't want to be with. I can even still communicate in that state, more or less like on auto pilot. Once you can read people, it's easy to keep a conversation going while not being interested at all, and all the while still giving the other person the impression that you're actually listening, and on the positive side, you're at the very least doing them the courtesy of being polite.

Those are all tricks learned in sales and in the management training that I did. Actually at an American institute, now forbidden in Europe because of some of the rather questionable and/or controversial methods they use, but they still exist. Look 'em up if you want to read some more about it. They're called Landmark Worldwide nowadays, and they've labeled themselves as a "Personal development company", which is basically a front for a company that uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and re-educating methods such as build-break-build and so forth.

In and of itself, these things aren't bad or evil, but they sometimes went to extremes with using them. Don't know if they're still doing that, but back then, that sure was the case. I found out about it back then, and even though the first courses and sessions I followed, were actually quite beneficial to both my work and private life, I then decided that any follow-up course wasn't really my idea of money well-spent, so I signed off on it, and moved on to other avenues of personal development that weren't so controversial...

@NEStalgia Well, I have to say, I was always of a mind to go back to my roots some day, but you're not exactly doing a very good job of advertising modern day USA to me so far, and what we see in the news over here also isn't all that great, so all of that combined has put me firmly back in my seat on the fence...

As for the liquids injected into meat: over here it's plain water, and it's not meant as an extra preservation measure, but simply to "nicely" fill out the meat, so that, for example in the case of chicken fillets, they look nice and fat. Brine would only make sense if you'd want to pickle food, if you ask me.

The whole text wall about vegetables, grain, rice and frozen meat is also USA exclusive. Over here, all meat and fish is only ever moved from the butcher or harbor that it's picked up from in so-called cooling trucks, basically moving refrigerators, but it's never frozen. Laws are also quite strict concerning that over here. No such trickery with words or phrasings possible over here. Same with vegetables: when they arrive in the super market, they need to be what is labeled as "day fresh", and it's replaced every other day.

The process is harvesting, washing, packing, transporting and being delivered to the supermarket. It's a 2 day process at most, and it's never frozen either, much like meat and fish.

As for rice: only white rice is completely devoid of any useful ingredients, which is one of the reasons that I only eat brown rice.

Crisco is so infamous, it's even known over here, although hardly anyone, except maybe for a handful of expats, is actually using it...

As for the ventilation system: oh, it's definitely more powerful than any electric hood would be, or like the 80's systems you described. The closet does a pretty decent job to isolate the sound it makes, but if I keep that door open while switching it to it's "high" setting, then it sounds like there's a jet plane taking off, somewhere in the near vicinity...

And it's actually an updraft, because the air gets sucked up, all the way through six storeys of apartments, and goes out the roof, where a sort of a filtered, stainless steel chimney pipe is located.

And not to worry: I won't try your "let's emulate NEStalgia's kitchen" project over here. I've been known to do some reckless things in my time, but that is not going to be one of them...

@Knuckles-Fajita "In exciting news"

You bought a PlayStation? Why on EARTH would you do that?

Hope you get the promotion, though. Better make sure you're prepared for it. Wouldn't want to multiply those visits to the doctor, now would we?

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@ThanosReXXX Wow, what was Landmark doing? Long ago I knew someone that was in that.....the whole thing sounded like a weird Scientology kind of was creepy.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of modern Europe really either...a lot of the same problems. But the US has certainly gone on the fast track of China emulation.

The meat could be water, though I know some of those solutions have definitely had something else in there. Maybe sugar...flavor...something other than meat itself.

It does sound like fresh food is actually fresh there....relatively locally grown/caught/etc. In the US of course, most of the country isn't growing produce and the "bread basket" is nearly entirely grain (and predominantly corn for ethanol and corn syrup, thanks to government ethanol subsidy....) Since our food growing space isued for burning fuel now, we import the food from other countries. And import organic matter needs to be quarantined by customs for a period of time. Plus ground transport from CA to the east coast (whether it's CA grown, the one state that still grows produce) or imported to CA border/docks, still takes a good week to get here. Plus warehousing/distribution. Some of that is just geography and climate - you're not going to grow broccoli in Minnesota in January....or July for that matter.... and a lot of it is stupid land use that used our food growing land for economic expansion and a decision to centralize/import the rest. Back in CA you'll get fresh produce year round still. It's grown local, and grows most of the year. East coast? It either comes from CA (1.5 weeks later) or South America or China 3 weeks later. If you want "2 day" food, you're going to go to an organic local store or Whole Foods or something, and you're going to pay 2-4x over average. A luxury for the people with the Cayennes and 911s who can then boast about their healthy lifestyles. The "butcher" is either in Chicago, Texas, Guangzhao, or a whole side of frozen meat comes to the store and the in-store butcher thaws and butchers it. Moving refrigerators are fine in-state. But not fine interstate where food is on roads for hours, days, or weeks non-stop. I can understand the USDot regs for freezing food. That's sensible. The problem is that we developed so that almost none of the country grows food locally other than as a luxury curio for those with the cash to obtain such luxury. There's designated food growing states more or less, like CA. 2 day process doesn't even cover mandatory quarantine for import....and most of our produce on shelves is import. The food in a warehouse near @Morpheel today will on my table probably while I'm watching Treehouse @ E3, and will be labeled "fresh" "eat healthy" and other such nonsense. It's also loaded with enough pesticide to down an elephant. Guess how nutritional that is.

Yeah only white rice is healthy....and in Asia they pretty much only touch white rice (brown is increasing in popularity, slightly, but it's more the same specialty market it is here, it's not the norm. At least China, Japan, and Korea, I can't speak for the smaller countries.) @Anti-Matter might have a handle on that.

Crisco: Fun fact, bakeries and foodservice here MUST use shortening. Lard is outlawed. So there's shortening (Crisco) in everything such as pie crusts and pastries, icing, etc. You can use lard at's kind of hard to find though. Some supermarkets carry little tubs of it in the meat section. Most don't.

Ventilation: Yeah that sounds like a very good hood, just without the funnel. No wonder you don't have a problem. Imagine cooking without that on. That would be the situation I've got. So, no meat indoors unless it's a baked roast, or microwaveable pre-cooked! I can make's kinda limited

And even pasta just fills the house with moisture which then fogs (and ices over) the windows in winter



@NEStalgia You might wanna consider spacing your text out a little more, my friend. I already saw @rjejr kinda being quite daunted by the previous text wall, and it certainly does weird things with the eyes...


Came across this video, and I immediately had to think of you:

'The console wars are like boobs. Sony and Microsoft fight over which ones look the nicest and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.'

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@ThanosReXXX Thanks for the informative video. My guess would have been that Trump doesn't himself, nor know any guys who build railroads, otherwise he'd be pouring money into their pockets, b/c that's what he does. I'm only 5 minutes in - gotta go cook dinner - but I was close.

video > wall of text

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@ThanosReXXX fun video. Though endemic of our news here, and especially nbc (which is Comcast..............) It acts like an infomercial promoting one argument as truth.

I'm a huge railfan and history buff, so it's kind of glaring it's a propaganda piece. If course i fully endorse any rail project... But some of the argument in there makes me think I'm on the wrong side.

Though our biggest problem For now with rail is they put the cart before the horse. High speed rail is irrelevant if it takes you from a parking lot to a desert. Where do you go when you get off your bullet train if there's no transit at your destination? You have 800 people standing next to a track. They need local transit BEFORE the 900 trillion dollar tech demo maglev.



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