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@Blue_Blur: Happy birthday BB! Hopefully you'll spend a little of it playing a game that you love!

@RR529: Where I live will see about 90-95% totality, but the path passes a little to the south. From what I've heard, it's already turning into a zoo there. All the hotels even remotely close are booked full; in fact, there are hotels all the way up here and even farther out (over an hour north from here even) that are 100% booked. There have been stories of people renting out spare bedrooms to families, or space on their lawns, and of farmers renting out part of their fields for crazy prices. There are a ton of events planned, and I know of a few people who have already taken Monday off and are heading south. I'm close enough to the point of totality that I'm satisfied, plus I don't wanna take off work for a little while now. XD

Needless to say it's a big deal, and a lot of the schools and businesses around here are having viewing parties.

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@Blue_Blur Happy birthmas!

@SheldonRandoms shelDAH, DON'T TOUCH HIM, HE CLAIMS TO LIVE IN DA SEWERS, you might turn into a mutant ninja roo!...dat don't sound bad actually, but the turtle pies...I dunno, what is dat stuff made of anyways?????????????????


@SheldonRandoms At least the clowns live in the sewers since uhhhhhh balloons float down thar
Also @Undead_Terror @SheldonRandoms You'll both float down here ;3 I mean Aren't Lucario's Paws Adorable?

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@Blue_Blur Vee just told me it was your birthday so Happy Birthday! Hope you got some presents you wanted, but then again Sonic Mania came out this week so I guess you did. lol

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@EdJericho Thank you! I've been enjoying Sonic Mania for sure - awesome how it came out right before my birthday!

...Somehow this thread has turned into the "Happy Birthday Blue_Blur Thread" lol XD Not that I mind, of course.

Jokes aside, thanks again everyone! So glad I decided to join NL, such a great community!

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....Ok....gimme a sec...
breathes in, tries to calm down

....Alright, I just made THE DUMBEST Mii ever in Tomodachi Life...basically a tiny weird-looking kid Mii...
...Then I named him "cofee" (with the o that makes the "caw" sound) multiple times in the first and last name....with even more "cofee"s in the pronunciations, no spaces...
I then made his voice super high pitched and very fast...OH MY GAWD, I couldn't stop laughing...think my eyes got extremely teary from laughing too hard.

"My name is cofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofeecofee-"
...Yeah I'm that bored, shaddap. xD


Anyways, holy crap....been working most of the day on my Markiplier Compilation video...and at the end, the STUPID THING WOULDN'T SAVE!! I thought I was about lose all my hours of work...thankfully I found a way around it. Guess the editing software couldn't handle compiling tons of files together into one video. Had to split them up into parts before putting them all together.

Anyways, guess it'll be up in several hours or so...I won't post it here though, because Markiplier...meaning the F word ten bazillion times. lol


Literally has zero relevance to anything, but apparently Bioware is axing patches and support for Mass Effect: Andromeda, dispite still being a complete mess of a game. Meanwhile, No Man's Sky is on it's fifth or sixth major update, with more coming.

No Man's Sky is basically a glorified indie game, while ME: Andromeda is a AAA title.

This is like if that kid at the back at the class who has like two books and half a copy and mitches off school every second day to buy a pack of bags suddenly slaughtered the entire class in his finals and got
thousands in grants while the genius kid ends up in McDonalds.

watch the language...-Joey

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summons a meteor on your parents haha I win

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


I found this Luigi plush today at a goodwill, it's neck was ripped as U can see, but after taking it home and (with help from mum) sewing it back together......MAMA LUIGI APPROVES!


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I would give 200 My Nintendo gold coins for that freaking Zelda 4 swords game that you could only get for a limited time. Seriously, they aren't even selling the game...
I get it, it was a prize, limited time offer, Luigi secretely hates Mario and makes out with Toad, bla bla bla...
But come on, you are doing nothing with it and you aren't giving anything free in My Nintendo so why don't you give at least that at a high price in terms of Gold Points? It was already exclusive for a long time to those people.

Oh, nevermind. I forgot that some of the people in Nintendo feed on tears and frustration. My bad.



roy130390 wrote:

I would give 200 My Nintendo gold coins for that freaking Zelda 4 swords game that you could only get for a limited time. Seriously, they aren't even selling the game...

Same. It would also be cool if they out it on Virtual Console. I'd like to play it, but keep missing it when it's available.


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