Topic: The Best WiiWare Game of All-Time: Nomination Round!

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What is the best WiiWare title ever released? Let's decide that in this thread! The first round will be a nomination round to decide the 16 most popular games based on your vote! After nomination each round will see half of the games eliminated in classic tournament fashion until only the best game remains! Nominations will last until October 1st!

You can only nominate up to two games in the nomination round and can only vote once during every tournament round!

My nominations for best WiiWare game are...
#1: La-Mulana
#2: Moto Heroz

Have fun!

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It's World of Goo

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

It's World of Goo

For the hell of it though, I'll nominate a couple of underdogs.

Space Invaders Get Even
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

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Castlevania Rebirth - the only WiiWare game I downloaded.

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Castlevania Rebirth



I actually don't own many WiiWare games. The two I like the most would have to be Pokemon Rumble and Tales of Monkey Island.
None of my friends liked Rumble. They always stopped playing with me after a few levels. I love finding the Pokemon toys and using Pokemon moves in an action game. Plus building a team was still fun.

Despite the awful audio Monkey Island has, it's still my second favorite Telltale game. I thought it was hilarious.

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The only above average Wii ware game ever...

Super Smash Bros. Can't Wait!

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I never had any Wii Ware game so I'll say a game that was available for the DS
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

please tell me if the Wii Ware version isn't good for some reason and then I'll delete this post to avoid embarassment

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Any Bit Trip Game is the only answer...I don't think there were even any other notable games on that platform.

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Games I enjoyed the most:
World of Goo
Contra: Rebirth
Tetris Party

Ok games:
Pokemon Rumble
Maboshi's Arcade

Some people liked Onslaught by Hudson... I thought WiiWare had some pretty fun games. There were no where near as many as Xbox Live or PSN, and most of the ones that were there were lacking, but the ones that were good were just as fun as anything on the other platforms.


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Well the only Wii Ware game I bought is Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

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Also, I'd say Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid Plus are worth a mention. The original Bubble Bobble is $5, while the plus version is $6, and they updated the graphics, had online leaderboards, and DLC. Totally worth the extra $1 if you cared about that game.

I forgot to say Bomberman Blast, too. Wii had a best version of Bomberman of all 7th gen until BattleFest came out for Xbox 360.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Any Bit Trip Game is the only answer...I don't think there were even any other notable games on that platform.

kkslider5552000 wrote:

It's World of Goo

mickey wut r u doin?

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Bit trip runner
jet rocket

I own probably 20 wii ware games btw

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World of Goo is the best game on Wiiware.

I'll nominate some others:
Swords and Soldiers
Space Invaders Get Even
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
Lost Winds 2
Any Bit Trip game
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Best thread ever
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Even though I got so frustrated I stopped playing and haven't gone back to it, La-Mulana is probably the best game on WiiWare.



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