Topic: The Best Movie Trailer You Have Ever Seen

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I would have to say the original Alien trailer and the Prometheus trailer.
both are excellent movies



MadAussieBloke wrote:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Stagnetti's Revenge... Best trailer ever

LOL! Never watched the trailer but the movie was horribly disapointing in comparison to the first.

This may be "rose colored glasses", but the Cloverfield trailer was pretty neat.



just remembered about the scott pilgrim vs the world trailer. sooooo epic

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I wasn't alive back when the movie came out (not even close) but this is the perfect trailer. It just provides such sheer suspense and leaves so many viewers with many questions.
Also Star Wars Episode 1 and Terminator 2 Judgement Day are way up there too!

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The timing of the sword fighting and music is so epic. Easily my favorite trailer of all time.

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dizzy_boy wrote:

Producers need to think about how they put trailers together. I`ve seen too many trailers where they always use the best parts of the film to sell it, and by the time you watch the film, the scene just goes by and I feel a bit cheated because the rest of the film is a bit dull.
Ted is the most recent film I`ve seen that does this. Great trailer, dull film.

I hate when they have the great clips of the film on their YouTube channels. By which I mean they put all the funny individual scenes up, so if you watch all of them, when you see it, you've seen most of the content. That happened to me with Despiciable Me, and if I hadn't held myself back from looking at scenes it would have happened with Wreck-It Ralph. (I still enjoyed Despicable Me enough to prefer it over Toy Story 3, though. )

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The original Cloverfield trailer.

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


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