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Topic: The apocalypse of NL?

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tylero09 wrote:

It'll end when a drunken Machu posts his 'special' Prosody pics ;)
We'll be taken off the net :P

Don't worry I'm creating my own site for them beauties, there's money to be made.

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Haha, amusing thread ;)

Our new server is online - however we've not switched over to it yet, it'll take another few days (at least) to get everything setup on there before we make the big switch over.

Downtime will be minimal, basically when we flip the DNS switch we'll disable the current site and then as and when people's DNS updates they'll see the brand new server.

It should be the downfall of slow mondays!!

As for the longer term future, of course everything comes to an end, but we're well placed to be around for a very long time :) we're not going anywhere, not until Nintendo looses its grip on the gaming industry (again).

You'll all be notified when we do the server switch, most likely early next week.

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weirdadam wrote:

The apocalypse will be on October 16th. Everyone fill up your bath tubs with water.
EDIT: Nevermind, pushed back to November 25th, dang.

Rubbish. CLEARLY the apocalypse will be December 21st, 2012. I'm loading up on ammo just in case zombies really are involved.

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Any bets that if Doomsday were to occur, it will be man-made? I'd say it would be.

Seems more likely to me than a natural disaster, unless Humanity would, in the far future (somehow) never able to leave planet Earth and we all get toasted by the sun in a few billion years

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You guys should give some serious props to Ant for all the hard work he does behind the scenes. How he keeps this thing rolling along I'll never know. I'm just glad he does it. :)

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@pHat-aNt- Hopefully it will speed up everything, not just Mondays. It takes awhile for pages to load at other times, somes (Especially late night here). That and hopefully it will be more stable.
Thank's for your hard work though in trying to keep this place running.:)

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longtimegamer wrote:

@pHat-aNt_ Thank's for your hard work though in trying to keep this place running.:)

Here, here! :D
To Ant, the cause of and solution to all of (nintendo)life's problems ;)

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