Topic: Tea or Coffee?

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Tea (and I'm American the Fox ). It's best dark. And I can't stand coffee.



Tea, used to prefer black Indian stuff like Assam and Ceylon, but have now switched to Chinese and Japanese green and white teas because of the lack of milk and sharper taste. Currently on loose leaf 'Gunpowder' Chinese green tea from Whittard's. Also like the 'Sencha' Japanese tea, but would like to get some really good stuff when I go to Japan this summer.

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I like both, but when it comes to tea it has to be iced and nothing in it (no lemon and sugar).



Kim+Jong-II wrote:

SupermarketZombies wrote:

Coffee just doesn't suit my taste buds unless I dump 10 sugars and loads of cream in there and that isn't very healthy to have often.

From what I heard, scientists say it's healthy to have often. (If you are lost, read that sentence in Aussie English)

Uh...nope, I'm still lost.

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