Topic: Tea or Coffee?

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I thought I'd be the latest to start a pointless thread for no reason at all.

Anyway, I prefer Tea.


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Tea for me. I don't like coffee but I can't start the day until i've had a nice cup of Rosy Lee. I drink about 8 cups a day!!

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I haven't attented these threads before... but here goes... **ahem**
So coffee is not your cup of tea? Interesting . I prefer coffee.

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I just drink water. I wake up ready to go, usually before 7, without the need of any stimulating beverages. Gosh I'm awesome.

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Neither. Tea and coffee are both gross. When I need a pick-me-up, I reach for a Voltage. As hot drinks go, I'll take hot chocolate.

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Tea. Coffee just doesn't suit my taste buds unless I dump 10 sugars and loads of cream in there and that isn't very healthy to have often.

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So, here's the current count
Tea: 4
Coffee: 1
Water: 1
Hot Chocolate: 1

Anyone here drink particular types of tea or Coffee? I personally prefer Assam (Indian) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) style Tea.

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Tea, Pg tips with milk, no sugar, preferably made by somebody else.


Personally I like tea better. The only coffee drink that I like love is a good old Cafe Mocha. Oh yeah...




I like coffee. I like tea. I choose Nesquik Chocolate Milk

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Heh...I think pretty much every one in this thread that lives across the pond is going to pick tea.
I'm going fro coffee, but not just because I'm American (or is it?). I like iced tea, but not hot.

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Three coffee's, then tea for the rest of the day. Awesome thread btw.



good ol H2o for me.I only like the smell of coffee not the tast and with tea I only like the fancy latte's butI hate the idea of only likeing fancy drinks.

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Tea. I really got into it after moving to Scotland. I'm not talking bagged floor sweepings either, but proper loose leaf Camellia sinensis.

Presently I've got a oolong on the green end of the spectrum which is possibly my favourite, being of the Aromatic Iron Mountain Goddess variety, which I picked up on holiday in Oakland's Chinatown. I also got a lychee infused black tea from the same joint -- possibly my favourite black tea, though I do like a good Earl Grey (got some of the organic Duchy Originals in my desk drawer even as I type...have to get a brew!) or Darjeeling. Also have some leftover gunpowder green tea I picked up at the SeeWoo super Asian cash-and-carry and a white tea (though not silvertips sadly).

The only coffee I'll drink is an espresso on rare occasion after a pizza at Pizza Express or Italian food or a Turkish coffee after dinner at the Turkish restaurant in town (or when I'm in Istanbul) -- basically really strong, really thick, really sweet and in small amounts.

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Iced Tea....

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SupermarketZombies wrote:

Coffee just doesn't suit my taste buds unless I dump 10 sugars and loads of cream in there and that isn't very healthy to have often.

From what I heard, scientists say it's healthy to have often. (If you are lost, read that sentence in Aussie English)



None of 'em



Coffee, any day.
No Portuguese can be called Portuguese they if don't drink coffee.



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