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@PugKing Well, you don't have any, so let's worry about that when we get there. Basically, you would use it when you attack and then not have it any more.

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I'm just wondering. I wasn't able to be on my 3ds last night .



@PugKing If you ever can't be on your 3DS and/or online, you should tell us so we can get you a sub.



So your meaning a sub is needed even if you'll only be gone for a day? 1/2 a day?

Thats how I read your post. Sorry for putting words in your mouth.

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@Knuckles Perhaps you are correct after all. But I read an extended period of time as two weeks or more. Really, it's more like 4 days.



Ok, I'm back online. We had used a MiFi phone thing from Verizon, but they set us up with the minimum amount of data usage (I think I said that right). We had bought way more, and I guess it was easier for them to refund us. My parents needed to use it for business purposes, and the 3DS would have eaten up way too much data, so I couldn't get on. ;__;
/me feels terrible
@Kyloctopus Thanks for holding down the ship while I was gone; and was that puzzle ever sent? :3
@PugKing Hey, welcome aboard! We will need to swap friend codes soon so that you get the puzzles. :3
@ALinkttPresent @Knuckles I say a sub is needed if the player will be missing for 4+ days, give or take in the situation. Because that is about how often a puzzle is sent out.
@Devious I couldn't let you host, you have 2 other players on the same 3DS.

@All FEAR results will be coming up as soon as I get through my mountain of Swapnotes and sort it all out. n__n Sometime today, probably, depending on how many I got. D:
Oh, and everyone should calm down, it's just a friendly game and I don't want this thread locked. u__u

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@Prof_Clayton. The puzzle seems to never have been sent. Also, the only thing I saw that would lock the thread is @DeviousWhatever expressing his dislike of me, and I don't teally mind about that.



@PresentLink Now, Now. Lets not do something that could eventually lead to regret.

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