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DeviousCrossing wrote:

@KingOfEvil and @Fire-Mario will also need subs. They're going on a Month Long vacation to Italy.

Reposting this.

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Soon I will. But I actually want you guys to post your opinion of F.E.A.R. has it got you nervous or exited?
I remember last season involved boxes. Despite me having a large amount of health, I was worried of the box so I tried desperately to have someone diffuse mine so I can bet more on the Ultimate Smash Ball.
That Ultimate Smash Ball was also a large reason Snorlax died last season. He bet too little against me.
I wish one battle, Clayton can do blind/open auctions.

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@Kyloctopus the F and E aren't nearly as interesting this year as you say the ones last year were, but I thought it was a fantastic idea, and it really adds a new element to the game.



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