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@DeviousSnorlax - i assume he's referring to the brothership reveal (that IS quite surprising!)
also... can't you use one copy on multiple systems, creating different saves per console? i never had the chance to mess with multiple consoles or used 3ds games yet so i don't know; but, the thing each game creates save data led me to believe that saves are tied to the console


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@Lostog We'd be fighting over who played it. And the 3DS's were worthless anyway,Since the 3D Option was messed up,The Screens were always black,And the SD Card was ruined. Couldn't even fix it,Since the only Video Game Repair store that is in my Small Town that I moved to only repairs DS,DS Lite,PSP,and PS Vita Systems.

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@DeviousSnorlax All on one 3DS is fine, and changing of Miis isn't necessary.
@ALinkttPresent I suddenly learned I had a banquet at school, 6-8. So I'll have to send the puzzle tomorrow.
A brief explanation in case I can't send it until Sunday:

Screen 1:

~Swapnote Battle League~
Round: 1 Group: A

Screens 2-4:

The puzzle will be displayed here, with indicated question.


Please reply like so:

Answer l Target

Basically the answer on one side, and the target goes on the other side. It can be a horizontal line and take as much room as you need. If more is needed, start on the reply and continue on a new note. The answer must be sent in reply to the original puzzle for timing purposes.

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@KingOfEvil That's how it was before. But now all the other teams are full. You might have to recruit more people.



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