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Twario wrote:

This is an insult to the mario series. It's nothing like the games.

It's an insult to the film industry, italians, plumbers, and human intelligence.

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StarBoy91 wrote:

[after having finished watching Chicken's video]
So that's where the "Get offa my cloud!" line came from!!!
Otherwise, nice vid. The ending was funny. :3

I had the same reaction about the toast line. (I don't think I've seen the cloud line or any of the others referenced before though.)

weirdadam wrote:

Actually, the movie screenplay is older than the game. It was just in production hell, and having a game based on it helped to get it finished. So the game is ridiculous, and the movie makes perfect sense.

Seriously? I'd noticed before that the movie was early enough to respond to comments like this:

not accurate to the original source material

with "What source material?" but I had no idea the script dated back that far.

Seriously, what source material? The games had no story, just a goal, get to the end to save the princess. The games had this vague but irrelevant premise that the brothers were plumbers and we knew a few names of characters and enemies. Even if they had gone less sci-fi / more fantasy, even if they had made the Mushroom Kingdom anywhere near as bright and... mushroomy as the games... that doesn't change the fact that they had no choice but to pull a story out of their butts. Even with all the RPG entries that Mario has had by now, can you really imagine any of them being translated to screen? Animated or otherwise, a Mario movie simply cannot be done.

I actually did like this one just fine though. Hoskins and Leguizamo fit the parts perfectly, even though the story was cheesy as hell.

I honestly don't know why people get so worked up about this, actually. I mean, that guy in the video keeps reminding himself that Mario is silly and ridiculous as it is, and then he starts *****ing about the movie's ridiculous pseudo-science. Yeah it's stupid that they have it that the dinosaurs evolved into humans (more or less) or that these guys somehow survived all this time crammed into one little city surrounded by a desert the size of the entire planet, but honestly... I can't see why we should bother to give a **** in this case.

1:01 to 1:14 says it all.



RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Ha, why thank you.

You foolish fool have no idea what the NintendoLife Hall of Fame is. Do you?

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Could a new Mario Bros. movie work now, or is it not even worth bothering?

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@Fuzzy: i think it's not even worth bothering if it's gonna be live-action. i mean, the first one stank, and now all those kids who saw it when they were little are grown up and would totally remember it was a terrible movie, lol... i doubt anyone would seriously give it a chance if they were to try making a new one.

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Fuzzy Nutz wrote:

Could a new Mario Bros. movie work now, or is it not even worth bothering?


Now a Metroid movie........

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


MuljoStpho wrote:

that guy in the video

Hello! Nice to meet you.

MuljoStpho wrote:

keeps reminding himself that Mario is silly and ridiculous as it is, and then he starts *****ing about the movie's ridiculous pseudo-science.

It's a different kind of silly. In fact, part of the problem is not that the film is's that it's trying to take itself seriously.

You can't complain about something being silly if it's trying to be silly, but it's very easy to complain about something being silly when it's trying to act all grown up and look really clever and attempting to be serious.

I think an animated film would have been ace. Not ace as in "good," but ace as in "another piece of my childhood that's not totally awful and embarrassing." The Super Show didn't exactly age very well, but it was at least the right kind of silly, with cameos from all your favorite characters and baddies, and it at the very least succeeded in what it was trying to do. You can't say any of that about the film.




That Mario movie scarred me for life. It's as of yet the worst flick I ever saw.

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I hate this movie, I'm sorry. It just feels crappy. And it had 3 writers.

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