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Anyone else use these? They're only $1 at the Dollar Store for an 8 pack and they actually work VERY well with the 360/Wii Controllers. So if you have a wireless controller that needs batteries alot GET THOSE!



I power my electronics with Pikachus, personally.

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Rechargable batteries save a lot of $$$

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I have rechargable duracells. They're expensive for a pack of four, but they have an insane amount of charge in them (they outstrip standard non-rechargables). Haven't bought any batteries in about two years now :3


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I use the rechargeable Duracells too, and have that 4-battery charger thing; they're great. Though for 360 i of course use the rechargeable MS battery packs with the dual charging station; bought that straight away with my 360.

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I get my batteries (Energizer Max) wholesale from my cousin since he sells them in his shop. I get a 24 pack once a year (two batteries run my 360 controller for almost 60 hours) for $4 and change. As a matter of fact, I just bought some from him Monday. He offers to give them to me for free, but the less I have anything that his family can say "Well he did this or that for you", the better

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RowdyRodimus wrote:

He offers to give them to me for free, but the less I have anything that his family can say "Well he did this or that for you", the better

Amen brother.

I use rechargeables for heavily used electronics/game controllers. I used to keep up with all those fancy-schmancy proprietary battery packs then I was like...meh...why bother? I can get more regular rechargeable batteries for the same price and I can use them in anything.

I still buy the occasional $1 pack at Target for thy kiddie electronics in the house.



I use these rechargeable batterie packs that come with a charging dock. It works great but the battery pack doesn't fit very well in there and I think it broke. Perhaps I'll try a different brand. There's plenty of companies that sell these things.

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I love rechargeable batteries for things that get a lot of use (like my Wiimotes) but you can't beat an 8 pack of sunbeams for a dollar at the dollar store. In my tv remotes they will last a long time. Not to mention I have a lot of stuff that requires the use of batteries and its annoying to recharge so many of them every time i need some batteries. These cheap ones come in handy in emergencies.

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I have about two dozen camera batteries which I use with a 4-cell charger (three wiimotes (6), two cameras(6) with separate flash (4), wavebird (2), and balance board(4), and a few to swap with). They seem to last longer than the average batteries and I don't have to bother going out to buy more. Since I bought them separately (whenever I got something which required more batteries) the batteries are not all the same brand. 4 of them are Optex (came with charger), 11 are energizer (list one, so had to buy a third 4-pack), and the rest (12) are Kodak. The Optex and Kodak ones are near-equal, but surprisingly the Energizers last about 1.2x as long as the others. Meanwhile, the batteries which came with the wiimotes/balance board were quite good and lasted for about two weeks of heavy play!

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I used to work at a facility that dealt with batteries people sent in for disposal so I can't stand to use the non-rechargeable ones.

Once you've seen what leaking batteries will do to an industrial metal bin you realize what can happen when they hit a landfill.

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