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I try to make a joke and end explaining something technical and complicated instead sometimes(it gets into my mind and I go elaborating to the point it becomes a strong statement instead of a joke)
looking down when walking(it's such a bad habit that sometimes I trip if I don't do so..)
sighing all the time for no reason
going too far trying to hit on backhand when it was easy to hit on forehand(tennis stuff)
making bad jokes at the worst possible timing
forgettin to put ";" in the end of code lines when programming

ChrisT99 wrote:

Konata wrote:

I say "Sorry." A LOT.
Even if I wasn't the person that did something wrong I say "I'm sorry!'
And even if I have nothing to say if someone is complaining about something I always say sorry.
Its a habit I wanna stop!

Lol, I do that, too. WAY too much.

I also do that but I'm doing it less lately....

there's more stuff that I don't remember.... heck I have too many bad habits.....

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Making the worst jokes ever and never really shutting up...

Here's a sample:

Teacher: "Can you believe that? The equations come out to be the same! Aren't the secrets of math shocking?"

class playing silent ball cheers so loud we hear them through the wall

Teacher: "See, they're shocked!"

Me: "It's because they can't believe it's not butter!"

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I always forget to tune my guitar back when my little nephew is playing with it and broke a couple of strings. I crack my knuckles, toes, neck, and back.

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I crack my cracks

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I have a strange habit of... not talking to people very much. I'm the quietest person I know, lol.
I also have many other smaller strange habits attributed to the fact that I almost qualify as having Asperger's...

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I have this bad habit of talking to people I don't know about video games instead of playing video games or doing anything of value with my life, HAVE I MENTIONED XENOBLADE CHRONICLES WAS A GOOD GAME TODAY?!

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I don't drink enough water.

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Knuckle cracking.
I just can't stop!

cracks knuckles



Konata wrote:

I say "Sorry." A LOT.
Even if I wasn't the person that did something wrong I say "I'm sorry!'
And even if I have nothing to say if someone is complaining about something I always say sorry.
Its a habit I wanna stop!

I do this too.

"What are you gonna do, type angrily at me?"

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