Topic: Some Of The Craziest/Funniest/Scariest Dreams You've Had ?

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I had a dream I was being chased by an army of giant robots. Then a cowboy started to strangle me.


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I had a dream where I was Leonardo DiCaprio and I had to go into other people's dreams and plant ideas about stuff and there was a spinning top and whatever.

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Phoenixborn wrote:

I had a dream where I was Leonardo DiCaprio and I had to go into other people's dreams and plant ideas about stuff and there was a spinning top and whatever.

Me too! Except there was ponies in mine...........

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


The beginning was uninteresting, but this morning I had a dream where some old lady was in love with me and I didn't like her. After getting shot down a lot she gave me some speech. Then she asked me what was life and I can't remember what I answered, but she said "Yes, apple pie! Apple pie is life and life is apple pie!" Then she turned into Katy Perry and dived into a Strawberry smoothie. That was only the ending.
It was soooo weird.


i had a dream a red guy with horns with a big sword and it was orange and green was trying to kill me and i had ti run but i was tied back on a tree outside i couldnt run right when he was about to stab me i woke up thank god i did



I have a short dream once. I jump over the entire city to go somewhere.. How convenient.

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I had a dream that I had a 3DS(this was when it first came out, didn't have one yet). It was brownish orange and the circle pad was damaged. It looked like someone carved it with a pocket knife. Anyway, I was playing Ocarina of Time 3D and I was doing the Twinrova boss fight in the middle of Hyrule field.

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I had a dream recently that I was sitting on a bed in my attic, and a mouse ran across it. Another on did, and the HUNDREDS of mice ran out from under the bed.
I think that falls in the scary section.



Directly related to my last post... But this time it was super scary.

I had the Vita dream again, only to wake up like last time. But this time I was still in the nightmare, because I looked all around only to find nintendo consoles, with nary a PlayStation in sight. Just lots and lots of green elves in tights and fat italian plumbers... I was about to lose it before I woke up for real, glad to see my PSP in its rightful place by my bedside.

What's with these horrible dreams lately?

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I have had the same recurring dream for the past 3 nights.

I am walking on an empty road in my town, and I'm like spinning a knife in one hand but its spinning super fast, like a helicopter.
But anyway, I keep walking past these people huddled in balls rocking back and forth crying, so I just like pick them up by the backs of their necks and they have like, Buttons for eyes and their mouths are sown shut, then I slit their throats with my knife, throw them down and keep going. After I kill them , they just sit their bleeding and shaking, they look bags with things trying to get out of them.
This goes on for a while, off to the sides of the road are various creepy things happening, that I don't feel like typing , But anyway, after killing more of those weired Button eyed people, I eventually get to the end of the road, at the end of the road is a large pile of corpses of most of my friends/acquaintances. I then strike a match, throw it on the pile and watch them burn while drinking coffee, That goes on until I wake up.

Also, after reading through this thread, I believe I win the most disturbing dream award, Ho-ray.
(Besides for zezhyrule's dream about playing the Vita all day, thats some chilling stuff....)

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Pogocoop wrote:

...Also, after reading through this thread, I believe I win the most disturbing dream award...


So I had this dream where I had just woke up to the sound of smashing and pounding on the roof of the house. I jumped out of bed and tried to look out of my window. The glass was covered in blood but I could just make out a bunch of mangled bodies laying around on the lawn. I ran out into the living room and saw my friends and family were sitting around on the furniture but they were all dead. I ran outside and the sound of hundreds of car alarms was almost deafening. Stuff was on fire and there was smoke everywhere. As I looked up to the sky, I noticed it was blood-red and I could see dead bodies raining down to the ground. I ran through the carnage and noticed all the looks of pure horror on the faces of the corpses. Finally, after wading through all the blood and bodies, I took shelter under a tree. Thankfully I was safe except for the random organs and fingers that could still find their way through the tree branches.

Oh wait...this wasn't a dream. It was an Insane Clown Posse song. My bad.




I don't have many weird dreams. Well, apart from that one where I went on a time-travelling bus to go to a Beatles concert with a load of nuns, but we've all had that one right?

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Today i dreamed that my dad had found a new N64 with hundreds of new games on an auction! And it was awesome! And after that dream i dreamed about a place where there is dead humans on top of each other(Just like the underworld of the legend of seeker!)

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Not sure if this is appropriate to share but this dream has been stumping me for quite some time. I was at my Campus when suddenly I just hacked my arm off then stitched it back then did the same to my other arm. I kept on hacking off and reattaching my arms to the point where it becomes disfigured and covered by stitches. It wouldn't have made an impact if I didn't feel anything, which I did. I swear I felt something slicing through my skin or something similar. I usually forget my dreams, but its always the ones that traumatize you that are always remembered.

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Craziest: I got a million of them. Too many to narrow dowm, actually, so I'll just list the craziest most recent one:

There was a kid and his pet horse and pet dog. The kid could talk to animals. Eventually he meets a mouse, who asks him for help. There's a whole community of mice living in the house next door, who were living peacefully until the neighbors bought a cat. The mouse wanted the kid to talk to the cat, and convince him to stop chasing mice. Unfortunately, the neighbors don't like the kid, as he was known for causing trouble.

Thankfully, the mouse proposed they go through the tunnel that the mouse took, which happened to be just big enough for the kid and the dog to squeeze through. The horse, of course, had to stay behind. As the kid and the dog worked their way through the tunnel, the eventually came to the mouse community, which was a tiny city under the floorboards, full of tiny houses and tiny factories, and the mice were all working dilligently like any human would. The only way through was to go over the furnace, which the mice were using to melt steel (perhaps the neighbors should turn the heat down?). Miraculously, they managed to make it over withought getting burned, and made it out into the house, to find themselves in a closet. After going out of the closet, they were in a hallway leading downstairs, and to their surprise, they met the horse again, who had come in through the door connecting the two houses.

After sneaking down stairs, they made their way through to the study, where they finally found the cat - a sickly, old cat who could barely walk, let alone chase a mouse. The cat told the kid that the family there had taken him in out of pity, but had already given up on him getting better. He then told him of a doctor who could cure him, one that the family did not know about. He asked the kid to go get it for him, who happily agreed. The kid then snuck past the rooms of the kids, who had slept in, and down another flight of stairs into the kitchen. However, he didn't make it far through the kitchen before he was caught by the mother of the family, who grabbed him by the shirt and promised to not let go until his parents came home, whom she then figured would scold him for sneaking into their house. The dog and the horse then ran past them, out of the house. The kid told them to go and find that doctor. They then grabbed the neighbor's motorcycle and rode off, horse at the helm with the dog in the passenger car, both wearing their helmets like any good motorcycle rider.

It didn't take long, however, before they realized they had no idea where they were going. So they stopped by a telephone booth to check the phonebook for addresses to veteranary doctors. While they were there, they overheard some guys talking about picking up a sick cat to put down. They then...I don't know...I woke up after that part.T_T I definitely intend to finish this dream someday. I wonder if I can make anything out of it?

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