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What were you doing while it was getting fixed? We all know some of you have an addiction to the site!

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MERG said:

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I assume the server just went temporarily kaput.



i was cleaning my house and watching Beautiful Creatures. My mom is coming sunday to visit with the kids.

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We all know turtle broke it.


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Turtle and I was sleeping :3

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I guess Microsoft were butthurt over the influx of gifs after their announcement so they crashed the NL server... Nah! Windows would have performed a fatal error blue screen of death all by itself



I kept coming in and out hoping it would fix itself quickly, but that didn't happen.

It's weird seeing a bunch of threads missing.


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I was playing bloons tower defense 5 and checking to see if this site would come back fast.

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I was playing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon since I just picked it up earlier yesterday.

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I was taking pills to try and cope with the withdrawal symptoms.



NL went down?


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I tried to post in the Goodbye thread and let people I'd be gone for 8 hours because the site was becoming too much for me, but by the time the site came back up my hiatus was over.

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What was I doing while it was down? Watching, pork chops. Yes, that's it. I was looking at videos of pork chops. Dirty, naughty pork chops.

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This was the scene just outside Nintendo Life Towers yesterday:

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I was dying a little on the inside as each grueling second passed by. My Nintendo Life flashed before my eyes! D:

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Well I was at work for part of the time. I wasnt sure if it just affected the mobile version. But when I got home and couldn't log on with my PC I just played some Super Metroid and NSMB.

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