Topic: So I wanted to play my Wii in my room.

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Recently, after my stupid component converter F***ed up, I have been looking to purchase a TV to go alongside my PC monitor in my room. However, I've been thinking, do I save up and buy a TV and an antenna, or do I buy a monitor that has PC/Component inputs in it?


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The Game.

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Monitor. For the price of a somewhat good TV you can get a really great monitor.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


Get a TV, but one with Scart, Composite, S-Video and HDMI. I run my PC through the TV all the time (plus lots of other devices), don't limit yourself to a monitor. Saying that, I suppose it depends on whether you want the option of watching telly or not. You could always get a monitor, and a TV card for teh PC, but that's a pain.

Do you want to watch telly programs on it?



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