Topic: So.... Anybody see the new Star Trek?

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Which has got to be one of the best films EVER!

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I was not nearly as impressed, but I enjoyed the latter half of the movie. It got off to a very rocky start, though. The opening sequence felt like a B movie. The young Kirk scene was absolutely nonsensical (why did he think turning offroad would hinder the floating police car and why the heck did he throw the car off the cliff nearly killing himself in the process?!). And most of the scenes prior to actually getting on the Enterprise were slow and cheesy. Once they get into space the plot thickens quite a bit and the balance of seriousness and humor levels out to a more appropriate level, and the story really comes together nicely, though I can't really comment on it without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it.

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I liked it. Not as good as say Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country but i liked how they approached it storywise and i love most stories with the enemy they picked (Not saying in case anyone hasn't watched it and doesn't want spoilers)


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I just saw it last week here in Southampton - Been waiting so long, seems like an eternity waiting for this to come round. It was well worth the wait I feel. I warmed to the Characters quicker than I expected, the best bit for me was the new Enterprise and Bridge.



I'm not a Trek fan at all really, but I'm sure my girlfriend will drag me to it when she has a day off. Sadly, she's quite the fan of the the franchise, and eventually forces me to watch everything Star Trek over and over (hoping I'll come around, I guess) until I consider throwing myself out the window.

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I liked the movie pretty good even if I did sleep through a lot of it (I was dead tired, not the movies fault).

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Veloster wrote:

I'm not into Star Trek.

Then perhaps you can stop reviving threads next time.

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