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Time to talk about the best platformer frahchise made. It has great characters with suberb acting, great gameplay, and pretty good storys. It recently made a great comeback with Theives in Time. I hope that Sucker Punch's next game will be Sly 5 and it will be Sony's rival to Mario even if it is pretty unlikely. While Theives in Time was great, Sly 2&3 were better, the gadgets were better than the costumes, the smaller workings of the gameplay were better, the combat was deeper and had much more of an actual system to it, and the different playable were better and more varied.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I only played the 1st one and I loved it. Never bothered continuing on to the other 3 installments unfortunately.

Dude, your seriously missing out, the games get a huge overhaul after the first one and get way better. You're really missing out, you should get the HD collection.

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Sly Cooper is my favorite Sony series. I don't have the fourth one yet, but two and three were amazing.

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i bought the fourth one and completed it(not 100%)i wonder if their gonna do story dlc



Me and my brother rented the first one some years back, we really enjoyed it. The stealth and platforming elements just seem to work so well together.

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