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Topic: sleeping at night.....or not.....

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Anybody else experience this same problem? It constantly screws with my schedule and I always go to school tired >:/

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THE HORRORS OF MODERN SOCIETY...I might not have to be sarcastic. :/

I kinda had this problem at one point, but it's closer to say that I use the internet when I can't sleep, rather than it being the reason why I can't sleep.

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I've been having this problem a lot lately. Now that I'm out of school for the next 7 months and don't have a job I spend way to much time on the internet.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

THE HORRORS OF MODERN SOCIETY...I might not have to be sarcastic. :/

I kinda had this problem at one point, but it's closer to say that I use the internet when I can't sleep, rather than it being the reason why I can't sleep.

If I can't go to sleep within 5 minutes of laying in bed I get hooked to YouTube for hours...SUCKS!




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I will sleep when I'm dead... The problem is Chakan lives foreverman ;)

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

I will sleep when I'm dead... The problem is Chakan lives foreverman ;)

Haha :P




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This happens to me all the time. As in, this very moment!

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Yup...same here...about to go to bed. Will be waking up at noon-ish. lol
My life is boring and nothing is happening with me right now, though... (as in, no college, work, whatever) Sooooo, yeah. >.>

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Freaking Fire Emblem has been keeping me awake up to this kind of hour (almost 5:30 AM at the time of this post) for the past few days. But I'm home schooled, so waking up at 11:00 doesn't matter (to me at least).

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Same here, it's been happening for months since I left school. The only way for me to sleep now is play my 3DS in bed and let the light put me to rest.

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I fall asleep playing EOIV. such pretty music~ :*

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I love Oney. Even though his videos are terrifying and disturbing.

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mon - fri i dont sleep good i have to get up for work to teach kids but sat -sunday i sleep well...

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I have no problem falling asleep. I usually play a game or watch netflix on my 3DS until I can barely keep my eyes open. I make sure I at least get over 7 hours of sleep and I don't care for sleeping in because I feel like I just wasted the majority of the day.

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I don't usually have trouble falling asleep.

HOWEVER, when I first got FEA, I couldn't sleep for an extra few hours each night. My mind felt like it was racing and I was thinking excessively, and I couldn't get to sleep.

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I've gotten into the habit of going to bed at around 4 at the earliest.
Now I'm back at Uni and need to actually get up in the morning, but I still can't get out of my habit.
Tried getting some sleep tonight, but it's now 3:05am and I'm still awake so not working too well. :P

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I used to. And then I had trouble sleeping even after the electronics were shut off. I have no idea if the two are related, but nowadays I just go to bed earlier, read a book for an hour or so, and then sleep really well.

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I usually just can't sleep anyways, and I go online or play a video game until I get tired enough.




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I usually fall asleep as soon as I touch my bed. :$

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#FirstWorldProblems. I don't use electronics in the dark for one thing though. I also do stretches, walk laps either at school or when going to the store, drink lots of water, among other things, so my health and grades are fine with the way I live my life, it was actually yesterday that this girl in class said out loud that if you're not having 8-9 hours, you're not getting enough sleep, and the rest of us where like whatever, even though i'm aware of it and sometimes think about sleeping a little longer, I don't pay any actual penalties in the end, maybe it's because i'm the son of an soldier that i'm used to sleeping 6 hours and then tell myself deal with it over time since i'm the one who is in control. Let me tell you, even though I never get tired at school to the point where it affects my grades (A/B honor roll), the milk makes you drowsy. Does anyone else experience that, when you're awake in the morning and get drowsy after lunch because of milk?

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