Topic: Sigh...i'm back.....(sorry guys..)

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@clickety wow i never knew u were so compassionate, im use to sassy replies lol

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There seems to be too hugely different and worrying topics of conversation going on here.

Sean, I'm sorry to hear you say you feel suicidal, but I would definitely echo the opinions of other, wiser members - seek some professional help and try to count your blessings. Depression is a terrible thing, but take it from me, there is a positive way out of it if you want it.


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Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And while it might not seem so today, yours is a temporary problem, Sean.

You don't need a lot of friends - one or two close friends are better than a hundred acquaintences.

And enjoy your PS3 - but do make sure you brave the real world now and again. Sitting indoors as a recluse will only add to the stigma with which you seem to be currently branded with.

Stay cool.

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Since u sed us were sorry i forgiven you today.



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