Topic: Should I go to marching band camp? (Answer fast please)

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Alright here goes, I enjoy music and all that, I play the violin and I ordered a ocarina yesterday. anyways there is this camp thats for free that shows you marching band stuff (includes music info,info on the instrument, etc). Anyways I only want to go because i want to play another instrument. The thing is, is that I don't want to march because I think it's a waste of my time and I know I won't like it ( no offense to people who like that stuff), It starts tomorrow at 8:00 a.m and ends at 5:00 p.m ( damn you schedule, SMT comes out tomorrow and I already preordered it!) So should I go yes or no


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If you don't feel comfortable, than no.



...I don't know why you would ask the people on here but do whatever you want, if you want some more experience then try it out.

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You play the ocarina? Wow. That's quite interesting.



Yes go, generating new memories and experiences is always a good thing,

Meowph, that's right!

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i think you should do it make name for your self and let your family see you on tv...

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Do it... you don't know till you try.

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