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Topic: Should I be IP banned permanenetly from Nintendo Life?

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If any thread should be locked, this one...


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I doubt the Mods ever do IP-based banning. One, as AlexSays noted, it's easy to get around; two, you never know whether someone is using a shared computer or other access point situation in which you'd be inadvertently banning others.

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Edwin wrote:

If any thread should be locked, this one...

Good enough for me.

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JayArr wrote:

Did anyone else read the topic title as: I want to be permanently IP banned! Where is Prosody!?

No........guess it was just me then. :p

No, not just you!

For the record, asking whether you should be banned is a really daft thing to do.

If you want to stop posting here, next time you're on the main page just click "logout" and enjoy reading the site without feeling you have to add your voice to it, and that goes for those of you who find it necessary to attack people when they're clearly feeling a bit vulnerable.

The Headhunter has spoken.

I am not ignoring you. I just do not post much.

Sorry, this topic has been locked.