Topic: Should all handhelds in future have a cell phone built in?

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With the release of the 3DS soon, isn't there anyone who would also like to be able to do the things on the 3DS that you can do on the iPad? I'm seeing complaints that the 3DS is too expensive for a handheld that can only play games and nothing more.

Would the people who was against a phone being included in Nintendo handhelds earlier in this topic rather own both a 3DS and an iPad as well instead of combining the best of both worlds in one portable handheld?

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Yes. The fewer devices I have to carry or keep track of the better.

Imagine this example with an imaginary future NintendoSoft Station (etc) xDS portable gaming system:
1. Physical dimension of the old Phat DS, the 3DS, or even the NGP.
2. Add the normal gaming capacity that these machines currently enjoy.
3. Add cell phone technology and couple it with voice activation and Blue Tooth. In these days of Blue Tooth connectivity, there is no reason why you would have to hold this "gaming device" thing up to your ear. That's just silly archaic thinking. Voice activation will allow you to "Dial Mom" or "Call 555-555-5555" or even "Find local McDonalds". How about writing an e-mail too. The possibilities are endless and this technology is available right now.
4. Add a dual "Kinect type" camera system to the bottom edge so you can place this this thing flat on a desk or table and the cameras create a sort of "virtual keyboard" that you can use to type on. Keystrokes might be shown on the bottom screen of the device itself. Alternatively, add a usb/ir/blue tooth/etc port where you can use one of those "roll out" keyboards that roll up to the size of a can of Cambell's soup (or fold into a pants pocket, etc)
5. Have a camera facing the user (with face tracking) as well as a camera on the outside to take pictures. This allows video conferencing.
6. Have a mini-projector built into it while it's open so it can project a monitor-quality picture if you'd like something larger than the top screen of the device itself.
7. Throw in mp3 support and a decent piece of music playing software.
8. Add several user-friendly applications such as some sort of Office software (device-based or cloud-based), operating system, web browser, access to a game service, etc.
9. Allow the use of removable media AND cloud-based storage.
10. WiFi and some sort of Broadband service.
11. Sell it two ways: "unlocked" so that you can bring it to whatever cell phone carrier you'd like (providing they support the phones technology) or allow carries to sell it to consumers and subsidize it through a contract.
12. Enough processing power to handle all these things. Dual Snapdragons or something better as an example. (I'm out of the loop on processors; use your imagination)

The only two issues I see are:
1. Cost. Keep in mind this device would actually remove the need for some of the other devices (mp3 player, gaming console, netbook/laptop/desktop, cell phone, etc so you'd potentially be saving money.
2. Battery life. With current battery technologies, all this just isn't feasible afaik, but technology is improving all the time.

Maybe I should have posted this in my "what should future handhelds look like" thread...

(edit: sorry for the wall of text. I find the notion of a device like this very exciting so I was happy to type my heart out)

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No way. Keep your phone service on your phones. I don't want phone service on my 3DS. That's what my phone is for.

And I also think iPad's are completely rediculous. iPhones, sure, but iPads?! Oversized iPhones that aren't nearly as portable...

What's next, the iTable? iHouse?


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No thanks I don't want to look like an idiot standing there talking into my 4DS
although maybe Sony might consider this.



If it happens:

Microsoft will make it.
Sony will copy and add new crap.
Nintendo will continue with just the handheld and pass them both again completely.
Apple will laugh at their fails.
Nintendo will buy Apple out and create the Ninendo3DS+
Sony will copy again
Microsoft will be gob smacked and will leave the gaming industry.
Sony will follow
Nintendo buys the world and turns it into NintyEarth.

I wish...

3DS+ specs: Now with a 3D projector, 360+ graphics, backwards compatible with every single game ever made, motion controls with the 3D projector, download PC games from your computer and play them directly on your 3DS+, always online via NintyServs worldwide, voice chat, bluetooth, customizable web browser and can transform into a hover car!

And no on Phone gaming. Remember the N-Gage? That was not cool...

@TBD sorry about that

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I want @Magi's phone!! . Sounds awesome dude.
Anyhow barring that I'm not really a fan of gaming mobiles.Yes,the new Sony one looks like it could be the best yet as it at least has proper buttons and sticks (well sort of!) and the might of the Sony gaming division. But still, I kinda like my devices seperate. My phone goes every where with me and gets dropped and abused a lot! which is why I only have a cack phone but I take great care of my DS and will do the same with the 3DS. I always have a backpack with me or I'm in the car and these things aren't exactly heavy so I prefer to keep things seperate personally.I have no problem with the concept though and maybe one day one will tempt me (it won't be the iphone though,god do I get sick of hearing people go on and on about them at work, yes there good but its not bloody life changing ,Jeez! )

What's this bit for again?


Although I would advise against it, it's most likely an inevitability.

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Hm... I think that as long as Nintendo remembers that gaming comes first, it wont be a big deal, I mean I think that maybe phones and the 3DS isnt that different to begin with. Now I dont know a lot about phones but pictochat is kinda like texting only better (drawing ect). It has a touchscreen like a lot of phones nowadays consider a staple. Wifi, camera, can put in a sd card, play music (i think) hell it can even browse the internet. So to me its already like a smartphone only better. So I say to Nintendo what the hell, go for it. All they need is to give phone numbers and a data plan. Lol actually now that I think about it I can imagine how popular the phones potential could be. Like I said earlier, I dont know much about phones but it sounds cool. It will be called... the Nintenphone! lol.

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Built in cell phone? No.

Built in cellular online communication? Yes.

Basically, they should have online capabilities that use cell phone range. Essentially a huge wireless "hotspot"


"you want a dedicated cell phone, it'd be better to buy one specifically for doing so. Likewise, you want a proper gaming handheld then you stick with Nintendo's." Agree with your words.

Now it has many cell phone accessories, include Cell Phone Repair Parts and so on.

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hmmm depends on how big the handheld is but personally I don't think so

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My primary gaming device is already my iPhone, but I don't think I will get a 3DS or PSP thingy even if they included phone functionality as well.
But from a commercial point, I can see they really have some competetion there. The iPhone is not even marketed or made for gaming, but it has still taken quite a bit of the total handheld gaming market.


are people more welcoming of cell phones crossing over with handhelds now?

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