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I don't see why everyone is making such a big deal out of CN Real. From what I can tell, it's bound to suffer the same fate as CN's feeble attempt at early educational programming, Tickle U.

Anybody taken the time to notice the upcoming CN originals? My eyes are fixed on the upcoming Genndy Tartakovsky project, Sym-Bionic Titan.



total drama island was good, i watched the first season which was entertaining, but season 2 is just boring

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"Goodbye and may your old fans take revenge on you."

By that do you mean emails and countless petitions? Because I doubt they care. I don't know what a toonami is, but odds are the ratings weren't as good as you hope they were if it was dumped suddenly.

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Things I disagree with N64 Gamer are in bold.

N64 Gamer wrote:

If CN keeps up like this, then it's obviously because it works, don't you think?

Sure I miss the old shows like Tom & Jerry, Ed Edd n Eddy, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and who can forget the funny What A Cartoon series?

But the truth is that you have grown up and so you feel like CN has gone downhill. It's just like all those Nintendo fanboys crying that Nintendo has forgotten their roots and the golden ages were the SNES or N64.

Sure, I don't like the new cartoons and changes that occur on CN, but my time with CN has long passed. I was a little kid when I watched CN back in the 90's. Those times have gone now and there is a newer generation who has taken the place as CN's viewers. What if this new generation is happy with how CN is today? Shouldn't they be allowed to enjoy the new cartoons without having us old farts complaining about CN's new direction?

If you love those old cartoons so much, then go find them on DVD or VHS.

I disagree. Unlike Cartoon Network, Nintendo has a small amount of long-time gamer like most of us who still full-heartely support Nintendo, plus they have an massive casual audience following there every move. Nintendo has made a lot of money and know a good fiancial decision when they see one, even if the fans aren't always pleased. And strangely, they have to not only support there new audience, but also us. They succeed in support fans of all ages. I've been with them for a long time.

Cartoon Network on the other hand has failed all of it's audiences. The newer shows suck and older viewers aren't the only one who agree. Kyumon2 eight-year old brother, who is suppose to be in Cartoon Network age range thinks Cartoon Network sucks. When kids don't like the channel, that's telling you that CN is doing something wrong. Another problem with your theory is that Cartoon Network is not nearly as popular as they used to be (Less then 400,000 views this June). The lack of quality cartoons, plus putting in live-action shows (Which is the stupidest decision they ever made.) hurt there ratings. Taking off programs that fans loved and highly supported, such as Toonami and Friday, Friday without warning dramatically slashed there rating and god knows if they'll ever be able to make up that. That's like if Nintendo without warning took off the Virtual Console. It would be the final straw for fans of Nintendo like me and I would sell my Nintendo Wii if that happens. Luckily, knowing that they'll lose audiences if that happens, Nintendo decided to listen to our fans plea and kept the Virtual Console alive. Not only that, it made me more grateful for Virtual Console releases. Also, that proves that Nintendo does care about not only there new audiences, but long-time fans, something that most entertainment companies fails to do.

In case your wondering, I also no longer watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon either, but I don't complain because I'm not part of there audiences and they at least care about there current generation of fans. Not only that, they have shows that are popular with there group. So as long as they appeal to their audiences, I'm cool with them.

Also, I am not in favor of "Remove all new shows and replace it with old shows permanently.". I could live without the old shows or even Toonami if the new shows were of similar quality and Toonami got an replacement which was as good as the old days.

What fiancial root CN is taking is not benefitting them at all. This reminds me of Activision, when they are steeping the price up for Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It's ridiculous and unecessary, plus if other companies follow suit, it will cause a second gaming crash.

Also, Nintendo still makes quality Wii games on a regular bases, while Cartoon Network haven't seen a good cartoon from them since Camp Lazlo, premering July 8, 2005.

I did an failed petition and about 200 people signed it. Most of them have the same opinion as I. Sure, my half-sisters may like it, but that's nothing if almost everyone hates the new Cartoon Network.

And to add to the live-action bullfest, BleachFan888 voluntarily suffer throught four critically hated shows. They are part of CN Real, the worst block I've ever heard of. Why not make an channel dedicated to them, instead of it eating up the main channel?

On top of that, when people who hate the Wii/DS Nintendo, it is insulting to people who enjoy the Wii. People like me who enjoy the Wii are tired of Wii/DS haters trying to force there opinions on them and want to do something about it. This is why we have people actually defending the Wii/DS or Nintendo in general. Cartoon Network is also subjected to haters of there new form, but unlike Nintendo, they deserve every single bit of hate. There are no defenders of them because almost everyone agrees that Cartoon Network sucks and they had enough of there stuipidity, myself included.

In fact, in order to save Cartoon Network from killing themself off, so they can attract a new generation of audiences properly, I will be doing an petition on them and make sure they finally listen to us fans that we're tired of there horrible shows and will not be tolerating them anymore.


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Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy is the best cartoon ever. I'm afraid they canceled the movie, though.



The only cartoons I watch now are South Park, Family Guy, and the occasional Spongebob.

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Ah, Cartoon Network... you're getting me all nostalgic about shows I used to watch back when I was a kid (Dexter's Lab ftw! )
...Wait a minute, I'm not old enough yet for nostalgia, am I? o_0

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yup, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy's Big Picture Show, It would have something to do with Eddy finding his brother.



I don't think it was canceled, but it's been aired in other places.



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This is all a matter of opinion, most of the old shows you said were so great I didn't like (I just can't find any fun on Ed, Edd & Eddie), of course I don't like some of the new ones either, but I actually like 6teen, see different tastes .

You know, you don't need a petition, TV business resumes to this: If someone doesn't like a TV show, he doesn't watch it; so, if after all the people who hates the new CN stop watching they keep it the same way, then my man they just don't need that audience, so they're not going to care about what that audience has to say.

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i was watching the dominican republic cn (for a missions trip) and they had all the old shows on and toonami! thats it im moving to the carribean

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I stopped caring about them when they cancelled Samurai Jack.
And why they stopped showing Looney Toons I'll never understand.

But that letter had a few grammatical/spelling errors in it, just so you know.

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heres what i think:

CN real:
survive this is boring, othersiders is fake, brainrush is okay, destroy build destroy would be a lot better if they showed more of the building process and less of the boring challenge, dude what would happen is just bad, bobby says is a total knockoff of americas funniest home videos

i dont know why you guys hate this show, i think its hilarious. the puppets creep me out though

this show can be funny but actually creeps me out a lot

Ed edd and eddy
i wasnt interested in this show until it was close to canceltion. now i wish i watched it more earlier

fosters home for imaginary friends
this show was great i dont know why they stopped making them

dexter's lab/johnny bravo/tom and jerry
i wish these shows came on more often, they were just awesome

total drama island / action
I watched TDI even though it wasnt that funny just to see how the challenge went and who got voted off. I stuck with TDI until the end but i dont watch TDA, its just boring

stoked / 6teen
if i had to choose between watching these or prison, i would choose prison

tonami was probably my main reason for watching cartoon network i cant believe they got rid of it

secret saturdays / star wars
these shows are pretty good but they never really appealed to me i think they were made in an attempt to get more hardcore kids to watch

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I'm currently watching big picture show on youtube.



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