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Good way to not buy games a lot is not be on nintendolife.....where they talk about new games all the time xD Just play the ones you have instead

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I don't need a self-imposed ban, I just need a long-lasting game (e.g. pretty much any decent JRPG, or a strategy game like Crusader Kings II)



Well done to the guys who have crossed the line clean.

I think I'm resigned to having to concede that I'll never be able pass up a sale on a game I'm interested in.

Buying games at £5 is not a concern (provided they are games I wanted anyway), so I'm gonna cut myself some slack with those types of deals.

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Well, well, well... it took them 20 years, but I've finally been caught speeding. I don't know the consequences yet, but I'm fairly sure I'm looking at a sweet £100 fine minimum.

So my self-loathing says I need a punishment and some way of 'recouping' that money, and seeing gaming is where nearly all my personal spending goes nowadays, I guess I need to impose a proper ban.

Given how deep my addiction is however, I need to be realistic, so it won't be an outright ban, just a cap at £10 a month for the next 3 months, and then I'll review the situation.

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@gcunit Were you going over 30mph whilst driving down country lanes or in a village?

That’s where you can get caught the most from all the stories I have heard over the years. I always stay within 30mph in 30mph zones, but once I am on the dual carriageway, I often go 70mph all the way.

As for this thread in question, I have only purchased Celeste and Shadow of the Colossus on my PlayStation 4, both of which have been completed.

Also treated myself to a Switch along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I have done all of the races on 100cc in Mario Kart, defeated Bowser at the end of Super Mario and am nearing the finish line in The Legend of Zelda.

Next up: - God of War then, four weeks later, Dark Souls Remastered.



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