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I've just started playing through Super Mario 3D Land again, and I think I'm enjoying it even more this time round.

What games have you enjoyed playing through a second time more than the first?




mario galaxy 1&2


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oh and Loz:OOT


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Batman Arkham City. With more difficulty, there's much more fun to be had.

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Pikmin 1&2.


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Probably Super Paper Mario.

The first time I really didn't enjoy it...
But the second time I really liked it, I don't know why...

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League of Legends.


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Majora's Mask. Hated it the first time. The second, it quickly became one of my top five (or so) favorite games.

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The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword. Hero mode makes it so much better.

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Everything. Except Brainage Acadmy and Super Paper Mario

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Cave Story due to the best ending.

I'm contemplating putting Kid Icarus: Uprising here since 9.0 is a hell of a lot more fun, but still not too sure.

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Mass Effect 3.

The second one is my favorite in the trilogy and one of my favorite games ever and I kept comparing ME3 to ME2. My next time around I didn't do that and just took it for what it is/was and that's a pretty good game.

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Oh wait, I stand corrected. Dragon Warrior is one of the most tedious and frustrating RPGs ever made, and nothing will ever change that, but it's actually fun when you know what you're supposed to be doing instead of wandering around aimlessly, gathering vague clues until you finally figure out where to go and what to do. Of course, you still have to spend hours beating bad monsters, but that's also easier when you know exactly where to go for equipment, what to kill, what to avoid, etc. Basically stuff that's most useful when you're playing the game again, but can only really get from hard-fought experience or strategy guides.

That said, that was mostly going from original to the vastly improved remake, and much of the joy was knowing I'm essentially beating the game at it's own game. I don't think that entirely counts.

Also, Super Mario 64, but that was mostly going from horible remake to vastly superior original. Again, don't think that counts.

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Metal Gear Solid: The secret ending is probably my preferred ending, that, and every time I playthrough that game, it just gets better and better.

Donkey Kong Country: 103% was totally worth it.

Pikmin: For obvious reasons.

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Kid Icarus Uprising, because I didn;t really listen to the dialouge or the music the first time through. Also because 9.0 is so much fun.
Super Mario 3D Land, idk why.
NightSky, because the Beginner Levels are boring and incredibly easy. Alternate Mode is so much more fun, and made me glad that I had gotten it.

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