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Hi there!
I am new here and I just want to know if we have some sealed collectors here. Waht do you think about this type of collecting games? Is it a good investment or a waste of money?

best greetings
Denvan from



Hi there Denvan welcome to NL. Is what your really trying to ask 'Would you like to buy games from my shop?' or are you doing some research or something? Anyway I kind of understand the appeal of these things and if I had the money I would probably collect a few of my favorites. I actually try to guess what current games will become valuble in the future,usually the ones that no one buy's at the time, and buy it ,play it, trade it in, then buy it again when it's dirt cheap and keep it sealed and hope that it will be worth something in the future.

What's this bit for again?


I dont see the point of buying a game just to display it. if I buy a game, I want to play it.


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I don't collect because it takes years for the value to go up. And its not always guaranteed because its hard to guess the market.

Aviator wrote:

I dont see the point of buying a game just to display it. if I buy a game, I want to play it.

I think most collectors buy two. One to play and one to keep sealed.

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My dad collects books, and often buys 2 copies. Just a waste of money. Do you buy a second wii to never play? No! Why buy a second game?

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Welcome to NL, Denvan. The only game I own that is truly sealed is...
Super Mario Galaxy
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