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Taken from a post from Scribblenauts on Facebook:

Rooster Hat Contest: You have until October 5th to upload your Rooster Hat photos! We will then select 20 best and let the fans pick the winners! The 10 lucky winners will be announced October 9th! Keep sending those great pics and good luck!

Scribblenauts is all about using your imagination! Show us how creative you can get with your Rooster Hat Contest Submissions! Check out the tab entitled "Rooster Hat Contest" for complete details!

So there you go guys. Take a picture with your rooster hat on and, (If you have a Facebook account), submit it.

Everybody needs a little funk.
I see wut u did ther
Awkward cough. Her heeeerrrm!


Awesome, I'm getting the game next week, Rooster Hat included, look out for a temporary avatar change in the near future!

Feel free to add me to any of the listed consoles or services here :D just let me know who you are!

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edhe wrote:

The contest ends a day before it's even released in Europe.

That's probably purpose since it's just a nation wide contest anyway.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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