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I'm so jealous. I love Wallace. :3 I wish I had the means to play.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Actually, they dropped the ball again. No Wallace (or online play) just yet.

Yeah. And I was finally getting through Nega Scott's playthrough as preparation, too.

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Oh well. I'll give it a little time ;_;

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RPGShaymin wrote:

Was anybody able to pick up the DLC on PS3?
The series was really good. The last book was a bit frustrating with plot elements, but it was really good on action and resolution.
EDIT: @DarkKnight
I didn't know what you meant for a while.
Somebody has used Amy Rose I see. :3

Delayed until nobody knows when. Pretty hilarious that the DLC was announced on August. Only a single character an online mode... Half a year for a game that wnet out two years ago.

No matter a lot of people call them UbiLOL.




Reviving the thread.

IMO, this comic book series ranks up there with Watchmen and DKR (yes, its a completely different genre). Loved every panel of it though.

The movie. . . Every actor nailed their character excccccept Scott Pilgrim played by Michael Cera. I'm a Cera fan, love a lot of his work, but he was completely miscast for this role. Cera only has one character, which is the awkward guy. That's just what he does and he doesn't do anything else and should not be asked to.
The comic book character's flaw is that he's too laid back. He has awkward moments, but it's not like that's his "starting point personality" like it is for all Cera characters. Cera can make something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee or tying your shoes an awkward moment.

The women who played Ramona and Kim Pine understood the characters perfectly. The rest of the cast was very solid.



Man, Wallace is hard to use.
His light dash doesn't sweep the ground, and I kept on getting juggled for over 50 damage, which a lot even for supreme master.
...He's fantastic!
Don't let that link decieve you, it's also out on XBLA.

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Why didn't I see this thread sooner? Just got the DLC yesterday. I've gotten books 1-4.

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