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PhoenixSage wrote:

Save Star Fox? Easy. Make a Star Fox game that's what the fans want; i.e. aerial dogfighting all the way through.


Now go say this to Miyamoto........and then spit on his shoe for good measure.

[insert 25 Cents here to play]


JayArr wrote:

Now go say this to Miyamoto........and then spit on his shoe for good measure.

I'm on it!


Somebody have a plane ticket to Japan I could borrow?

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Yeah. I think Assault had too many walk around scenes. You can tell the game wasn't directed by Cuthbert.



Star Fox doesn't need any of this on-foot BS. Just make it a simple rail shooter, like the first two.
Slippy needs to go too. I hate having to save him every five seconds.

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Starfox Assult is actually my favorite Starfox game--and I thought the DS one was very good (even though the story was idiotic and the enemy design was terrible) with all it's strategy elements. I think the on-foot stuff was a lot of fun, and it has tons of potential--especially with the Wii pointer controls. The problem with Assult is that the on-foot stuff was very repetitive; your objective was always the same.
I wouldn't mind an all aerial Starfox game--Starfox 64 obviously is the least flawed of all the games--but I feel like they could do a lot with the on-foot stuff as well; as long as there's still lots of flying around and shooting stuff

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