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does anybody want to brag about their awesome skills to me? or be friends with me
username: b3 n

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That Game is still around?

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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wii fc is: 6222-6065-1342-5295


JumpMad wrote:

That Game is still around?

Of course it is
Think it holds the world recorod for Most Popular Free MMO

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I know a bunch of boys who LOVE Runescape. I hate it.

I love Voldemort.


I used to play it all the time years ago and loved it, but I got sick of it after playing it for about 2 years. Most of the good stuff is for paying members only, which is another reason why I left.

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The only good thing are the funny videos it spawns, and their respective series (if applicable).
And also running around and committing comedic acts, I assume...

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Link-Hero wrote:

Most All of the good stuff is for paying members only, which is another reason why I left.

Same here...

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I still play it! I deleted my topic about RUnescape because no one who visited this site played it. I play Funorb Arcanists as well. Add me Icy William.



Okay, this is really fun. I created an account, then went around either
a)Singing for food
b) Selling my "dead sister's remains" (some duck bones) for food.

I got 6000 gold coins, and various items...

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I used to play Runescape under several usernames (so I could experience the game as an archer and with different weapons(my main account is "edwardhendry")) quite regularly, but don't have the time at the moment. Also, seeing as my bank is full of member's items, I can't play on Free without dumping some items to allow me to use my bank. (Jagex changed this recently, allowing you to have an allowance of so many free items in your bank that you can store, making the transition from Members to Free that bit easier, but I'd still rather play members if at all).

And my skills? I'm in the top million (868,947) in Cooking at level 67, the 300,261st highest rated Smith (level 64 - it's a harder skill to level than it's partner mining), my highest skill is Mining at 72 (my highest ranking at 292,469th in the rankings) and my overall level 837,666th in the table at 1,243 with 6,466,671 experience points in total.

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That's quite good Edhe. There is a 'Highscore' feature on the home page to check others skill levels by typing the players account name. My name is Icy William again and lets just say my lowest skills are construction and herblore which are 61.. If you want to add me, say so.

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I loved it. I hate it.

Normally the graphics in a game don't bother me, but Runescape's graphics are just sooooo bad...

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I LOVE Runescape unfortunately I had to stop membership for a while but my username is Soccer686(could anyone guess...) I've been playing for about 5 years now.

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I used to play it too under the username is karakato1. It's been 3 years since I left the game but I guess I could come back and check out what's changed.

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Hated it. Why? Horrible graphics, a quite annoying battle system, and the whole thing just fell flat.


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