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I agree it can be a professional sport since robot fighting, competitive eating, debating, and certain board/ card games like chess and poker are consided as such. It's just the term "athletes" seems to be the trigger word (at least for me). Most people think of physically fit men and women when you say professional athlete and if they see these type of athletes, they would pass out laughing.
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I can appreciate the mental tenacity and skills involved in pro gaming, but I'll never consider it a "sport" in the same sense that physical exercise sports are. Perhaps it's different coming from someone who played sports a lot of her life, but video games are just games to me.

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Pityflame wrote:

Well most people don't call video games sports straight up, they call them this silly name called "esports". I don't really consider them to be """sports""" and I hate the term esport myself. Whenever I talk to someone about saying it is a sport, I'm usually just loving with them. Honestly though, it doesn't really matter what people consider competitive gaming to be.. they get paid just the same as athletes and basically have to do the same thing when it comes down to it. Training, scrimming, getting coached, having people analyse and take advice from them etc. Some people can make a poopoodoodoocacapopiedoopieload of money from playing esports, some don't make very much. It really just if your going to be >that> guy who follows the exact definition of the term "sport" or if you just say it's close enough and consider video games as one.

Pretty much any and every legitimate athlete you're going to find is going to be "that guy". It's a ridiculous comparison. As somebody who enjoys both activities i know for a fact they aren't the same thing and shouldn't be called the same thing just to make some ridiculous people happy, lets call a spade a spade. I don't care about ego's or trying to compromise by calling it "esports", it's dumb and wrong to compare them they are very different activities. Truly ridiculous.



It doesn't even matter, like at all.

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